4 Cool IoT Companies in 2016

Enterprises across industries continue to rapidly deploy IoT projects, many being pilots or proofs of concept. They are moving beyond the idea of IoT as hype and into applying IoT solutions for business value. Thus, they are seeking providers that can support the rollout of the “right fit” IoT business solution. This movement has generated many IoT solution market offerings by both established and startup IoT solution providers.

Here are four cool IoT companies in 2016.




Budderfly has developed a proprietary hardware and SaaS-based enterprise energy management and performance monitoring solution. Budderfly’s solution is unique because it focuses on granular (per employee or per device) data, and it aligns employee and enterprise behavior to achieve higher energy efficiency. This cloud-based, on-demand energy management solution helps enterprises measure, manage and control energy consuming devices. Budderfly’s solution is cool because it adds visibility and a layer of fine-grained controls into an enterprise’s energy consumption — without making any changes to existing wiring or replacing existing devices. In addition, it provides a good cross section of tools, including analytics, mobile applications, building system integration and demand response to deliver enterprise-level energy management.

Smart city and smart building solution providers, as well as building and facilities managers at enterprises/government offices looking to control operating costs, could look at Budderfly’s solution for controlling energy costs.





Cefriel is a digital innovation consultant that offers idea generation, and software and hardware design for a range of potentially patentable products/processes as part of one-of-a-kind solutions for its customers. It enables and accelerates digital business innovation processes through the use of IoT and other innovative technologies. Cefriel started in October 1988 as a postgraduate education program and evolved as an innovator hub for enterprises and local government, providing services in the areas of innovation strategy, design, Web and mobile development, security, data analytics and visualization, and IoT, and it develops more than 150 innovation projects per year.

Organizations looking for ideas around IoT innovation should monitor Cefriel. Cefriel will be of high interest for organizations looking for rapid development of radically innovative products or business processes with a strong technology and IoT component.





CrossChx’s safe and patient-friendly registration solution, Queue, reduces the time patients spend waiting in a registration area, automatically calculates wait times and provides the most accurate way of capturing patient information. To ensure the right person receives the right care, the CrossChx patient identification solution, SafeChx, scans a patient’s fingerprint and creates a unique identifier of more than 2,500 characters, linking them to all their medical records and protecting against medical identity theft. CrossChx is cool because its unique connected Internet of Healthcare (IoH) framework will be the catalyst to finally avoiding fragmented or incomplete medical records of patients as a result of duplicates. CrossChx is modernizing the patient experience and fundamentally changing healthcare by solving EMR problems. CrossChx’s connected IoH framework for the industry will enable many healthcare innovations that have been discussed in the past years.

Hospitals and clinics that want the ability to reduce wait times, instantly verify a patient’s identity and ensure the right person receives the right care should care. Verifying a patient’s identity is vital to delivering high-quality care. However, in the U.S., with more than half of patients in certain hospitals using Medicaid benefits, it is incredibly important that those benefits are protected and remain with the right individual. Hospitals that want to leverage CIRC, which is a group of more than 200 health systems that have taken the first step to solve the fundamental challenge of patient identity resolution, should care. Hospitals could be able to resolve and stop identity errors in their records because of the combined insights derived by joining CIRC.





Numerex is an IoT managed service provider offering innovative solutions through a one-stop, single-source provider model. It designs innovative devices, provides network services through all major carriers and provides in-house vertical domain expertise to develop the application infrastructure and IoT solutions, to support its managed service model approach. Numerex’s cloud-based solutions are delivered through its IoT platform. Numerex offers unique IoT solutions in several vertical markets, including healthcare and medical devices, oil and gas distribution, home and public security, manufacturing, and supply chain. It provides megavendor capability and quality of services, but does so in a more focused and nimble way.

Numerex presents an end-to-end set of M2M services, an IoT platform and value-added IoT vertical solutions with business outcome focus. IoT program managers seeking an end-to-end solution and support for business solutions in key vertical areas should review Numerex’s IoT technology and service offerings.


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