A Complete List of Cortana Analytics Demos

Cortana Analytics is a fully managed big data and advanced analytics suite that enables you to transform your data into intelligent action.  The package includes big data storage (e.g. Azure Data Lake, SQL Data Warehouse), information management (Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Catalog, Azure Event Hubs), machine learning (Azure Machine Learning, Machine Learning APIs e.g. Face API, Azure HDInsight, Azure Stream Analytics) and dashboard & visualization solutions (Power BI) in a single convenient monthly subscription.

Here is a complete list of Cortana Analytics demos, to showcase the power of the big data and advanced analytics suite from Microsoft.


1. how-old.net/

The magic behind How-Old.net is Azure Machine Learning and Face Detection API.


Microsoft wanted to showcase how developers can easily and quickly build smart applications using our newly released Face Detection Machine Learning API’s, analyze data in real time using Azure Stream Analytics and visualize the data in PowerBI.

Here is the PowerBI Demo for How-Old dashboard.  You need to request access with a school or work account.  The dashboard shows the backend numbers behind how-old.net/.


2. Cortana Analytics Gallery

Cortana Analytics Gallery is a big collection of preconfigured Solution Templates, experiments, examples and tutorials.



3. Cortana Analytics Intelligent Kiosk app

Here you will find several demos showcasing the Perceptual Intelligence power of Azure Machine Learning and the Cortana Analytics Suite.  You can deploy it on any win10 device and get a bunch of cool demos for face recognition (not just how-old), emotion detection, etc. – using Oxford APIs and text analytics.



4. Project Oxford demos

The site demos the preconfigured Machine Learning APIs


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Vivek Ydv
Vivek Ydv
8 days 8 hours ago

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