AWS Business and Technology News – April 2016

Business News

Amazon names Andy Jassy CEO of AWS. Talkin’ Cloud. April 8th. Amazon has appointed Andy Jassy to CEO of Amazon Web Services. Jassy formerly served as vice president of AWS, the fast-growing cloud division. The appointment comes as Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said in a letter to shareholders that he expects AWS sales to hit $10 billion this year.

U.K.’s national weather office turns to AWS cloud for ‘faster and more accurate’ weather forecasts. InformationAge. April 15th. The UK’s national weather service, known as the Met Office, has launched a new mobile app supported by a hybrid cloud platform it calls Weather Cloud, hosted on Amazon Web Services.

Survey: AWS commands fierce loyalty. InfoWorld. April 18th. According to a new Intermedia survey, companies that move their IaaS or PaaS applications between clouds pick Amazon as their top destination. The survey was commissioned by Intermedia and polled IT managers in 300 U.S. organizations of 400 to 11,999 employees. The largest slice of the companies polled — 41 percent — stated they had plans to use AWS in some form, with 57 percent of them already doing so.

AWS and Microsoft Azure at the center of IT’s most exciting change in decades. TechRepublic. April 15th. In a recent survey conducted by JP Morgan Chase, CIOs revealed that they expect Microsoft – not AWS – to be the vendor most “critical and indispensable” in their IT departments in the future.

Amazon’s cloud threatens to become Tech’s Wal-Mart. CNBC. April 13th. In his recent letter to investors, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos likened AWS to the company’s phenomenally successful retail business. And indeed, just as Amazon’s ascension rung the death knell for many smaller retail stores, an increasing number of software companies like Hortonworks and Tableau Software are for the first time naming Amazon as a competitor in their financial statements.

Why Amazon and OpenStack continue to thrive in a complex cloud world. eWeek. April 10th. Analysis: Cloud milestones—Amazon announcing AWS hitting a $10B annual run rate and OpenStack’s 13th release—lead some to wonder who is winning. Both are.

Q&A: Amazon Web Service exec on competing with Google and Microsoft. Network World. April 7th. Network World caught up with AWS’s General Manager for Product Strategy Matt Wood to discuss the increasing competition in the IaaS market and how customers are using some of AWS’s newest features.

Amazon hires team behind deep learning startup Orbeus. VentureBeat. April 5th. Amazon has hired nearly all of the people who worked at Orbeus, a small startup with technology for identifying items and people in photos and videos using deep learning, The team’s expertise could bring improvements not only to the Amazon Cloud Drive applications but also to AWS’ public cloud offerings.

Box Zones lets companies store files in AWS and IBM data centers to meet compliance needs. Venture Beat. April 12th. Box today is announcing the launch of Box Zones, an option that will let companies store files in data centers that are geographically located in other countries. The service will work on top of public cloud data centers from IBM and market leader AWS. Initially, starting next month, it will run on AWS regions in Germany, Ireland, Japan, and Singapore, with additional Asian and European locations becoming available on the IBM cloud later this year.

Capital One open sources Cloud Custodian AWS resource management tool. Tech Crunch. April 19th. Capital One is a huge organization with lots of compliance issues related to being a financial services company. It also happens to be an Amazon Web Services customer and it needed a tool to set rules and policies in an efficient way around AWS usage. Last July it started developing the tool that would become Cloud Custodian; today it announced at an AWS event in Chicago that it was making that tool available as open source on GitHub.

Amazon’s Cloud Business Lifts Its Profit to a Record. The New York Times. April 28th.  Cloud computing is much more profitable than Amazon’s North American retail business, which runs on thinner margins, and its international retail business, which runs at a loss. The operating income for A.W.S. more than tripled in the quarter to $604 million. The profits from A.W.S. represented 56 percent of Amazon’s total operating income, even though the $2.57 billion in revenue from A.W.S. — up 64 percent from a year earlier — amounted to less than 9 percent of total revenue.

Amazon Steps Up Blockchain Commitment; Web Services Partners With Digital Currency Group. Forbes. May 2nd.  Amazon Web Services announced on Monday, May 2nd, that it will collaborate with New York City-based Digital Currency Group, one of the biggest investors in blockchain firms, to provide such a service so the blockchain providers in DCG’s portfolio can work in a secure environment with clients who include financial institutions, insurance companies, and enterprise technology companies.


Technology News

New AWS service helps companies to move their apps to the cloud. ITWorld. April 19th. The new Application Discovery Service lets users identify their applications and the infrastructure dependencies of those applications to ease the migration of on-premises applications to the cloud.

AWS poised to enter cloud managed services market with new ‘Sentinel’ product. CRN. April 12th. Amazon Web Services is reportedly working on a new offering, code-named ‘Sentinel’ that will let large enterprise customers manage and monitor their public cloud workloads in a self-service fashion, which could compete with its managed service provider partners.

AWS comes out with 80TB version of its Snowball storage server. Venture Beat. April 19th. Cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced that it has developed a larger version of its Snowball storage server for shipping data from companies’ data centers to the AWS public cloud. When AWS first introduced Snowball in October, it had a 50TB capacity. Now companies have a 80TB option.

Hyperglance now available in AWS Marketplace – streamlining path to unified cloud insight and control via interactive 3D topology consolePR Web. April 5th. Hyperglance Ltd. today announces Hyperglance 4.0 availability through AWS Marketplace. Users can now conveniently launch Hyperglance from AWS Marketplace to easily bring together infrastructure entities distributed across virtual private clouds (VPCs), regions, accounts, and even cloud system platforms, such as both AWS and OpenStack, into a cohesive cloud topology view.

AWS updated Aurora in RDS console, RDS, EC2 Run Command, EMR release 4.5.0, Machine Learning, Route 53, API Gateway, IoT, Kinesis, Schema Conversion Tool, Redshift, Support, CloudWatch Events, AWS Technical Essentials and Architecting on AWS courses, Lambda, Directory Service, CodePipeline, CloudFormation, Device Farm, Cognito Identity, S3, Kinesis Firehose, Kinesis Streams, Elastic Beanstalk, EBS, Elastic Transcoder, EMR, Support API, RDS for SQL Server, and Mobile Hub.

It announced the general availability of Inspector. Further, it made a number of services generally available in its regions; including Config Rules in US West (Oregon), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt) and Asia Pacific (Tokyo); CloudWatch Logs in China (Beijing); Redshift in China (Beijing); IoT in EU (Frankfurt); VPC flow logs support in Sao Paulo; and CloudWatch Events in Asia Pacific (Sydney).

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