Google Cloud Platform Business and Technology News – April 2016

Business News

Google cloud nabs business from Autodesk. CNBC. April 18th. Autodesk, the provider of modeling software for architects and animators, have unveiled Zync, a new service designed to allow customers to more quickly and efficiently render 3-D images. With Autodesk and Google enabling customers to run an unlimited number of servers simultaneously at 60 cents an hour per machine, content developers can efficiently handle production without breaking the bank.

Slideshow: 8 reasons why Google believes it can still dominate in the cloud market. CRN. April 1st. Analysis: Google believes it has some significant advantages that will allow it to vault to the top of the cloud market.

Google teams with Kinvey to get health apps on its cloud. Fortune. April 4th. Kinvey brings business-focused app cred to Google Cloud Platform. It’s become a mobile-first world, or so we’re told. Which is why Google is working with mobile software specialist Kinvey to help software developers build healthcare applications that meet HIPAA requirements without paying a ton for their own servers and other tech gear.

Cloud data centers and moonshots weigh on Google’s Q1 profits. Silicon Angle. April 21st. Google parent company Alphabet Inc. surprised investors today with first-quarter earnings that came in shy of expectations, knocking its stock down about 6 percent in trading after the market closed. Although Alphabet posted revenues of $20.3 billion, up 17 percent and very nearly at what analysts expected, profits fell short.

Google to build and lease data centers in big cloud expansion. Data Center Knowledge. April 22nd. The big expansion of its cloud footprint Google announced in March, saying it would add 12 new data center locations to support cloud services around the world, will consist of a mix of Google-built and leased facilities, a top company executive said.


Technology News

Google Cloud fail points to 2 software bugs. InformationWeek. April 14th. Google issued an apology Wednesday for its cloud outage that swept from its Asia region through its entire global network over the course of an hour earlier in the week. The entire network was down for 18 minutes. The problem stemmed from Google engineers’ efforts to remove an unused GCE IP block from its network configuration and propagate the new configuration throughout its global network. The company has promised to reimburse Google Compute Engine users up to 25 percent of their monthly charges.

Google, Rackspace will co-design Power9 servers for Open Compute. ZDNet. April 6th. IBM’s OpenPOWER foundation revealed that Google and Rackspace are working together to design servers using the architecture from IBM’s Power9 processors. The servers will be submitted to Facebook’s Open Compute project, as the designs will fit the 48V racks Google is designing in partnership with the social network.

Google open source hybrid cloud gets new OpenStack backup driver. InfoWorld. April 12th. Google announced in a blog post the release of a small but strategic software component that allows instances of OpenStack’s new Mitaka edition to back up data to Google Cloud Storage.

Google speeds access to cloud datastore NoSQL with new API. eWeek. April 6th. Google rolled out a new cross-platform API for enabling faster access to the company’s Cloud Datastore NoSQL database from outside Google’s App Engine. The new Cloud Datastore API, currently available as a beta release for Google’s cloud customers, is designed to improve the performance and reliability of the database for those accessing it from Google’s Container Engine, Compute Engine and other platforms.

Google Euro-cloud glitch. The Register. April 7th. European users of Google’s BigQuery had a fretful Wednesday, as the cloud aspirant’s service experienced a lengthy partial inability to support optimal performance (PITSTOP). The incident ran for 12 hours and fourteen minutes.

Google launches TensorFlow 0.8 with support for distributed model training. Venture Beat. April 13th. Google today is announcing the release of version 0.8 of its TensorFlow open-source machine learning software. The release is significant because it supports the ability to train machine learning models on more than just a single machine.

Google Cloud makes splash at NAB: CDN Beta, Renderman, CloudVision API, Lytro, Autodesk Maya and more. 9to5Google. April 18th. Google has some big announcements at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) this week. Chief among them is the announcement of the Google Cloud CDN going into Beta. Google is also teaming up with Autodesk to increase rendering speed in Maya by up to 10x. Google is also working Pixar’s historic RenderMan platform ZYNC Render. Cloud Vision API graduated to general availability. Lytro chose Google Cloud Platform and The Foundry.

Google for Work and Google Cloud Platform get new security and privacy certifications. TechCrunch. April 28th.  In what is clearly part of the company’s efforts to get more enterprise customers on its platforms, Google announced that it has renewed its ISO 27001 certification for the fourth year in a row and upped its product coverage from 34 to 59 products. In addition, Google Apps for Work and the Google Cloud Platform have now also been certified for ISO 27017 for cloud security and ISO 27018 for privacy.

Why Google Wants to Rethink Data Center Storage. Data Center Knowledge. May 2nd. Google is proposing a fundamental change to the way engineers think about and design data center storage systems, a rethink that reaches all the way down to the way optical disks are designed.

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