Microsoft Windows EVP Terry Myerson’s Book Recommendations in 2016

myerson1Terry Myerson is executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group (WDG). Myerson is responsible for the software platform, apps, games, store and devices that power the Windows ecosystem. This includes Windows, Surface, Xbox, Minecraft, Lumia and HoloLens.

Previous to WDG, Myerson led the Operating Systems Group responsible for Windows 10, the next generation of Windows that brings Windows to life across a broad family of devices from those with 4” screens to 10’ screens to no screens at all. He also previously led the Exchange team during which time it became the world’s most popular business communications system and foundation for today’s Office 365 service.

When asked what authors he likes, Terry Myerson always responds with “I’ve read everything Warren Buffett has ever written”. Terry Myerson recommends the following book by Warren Buffett in 2016.   Get recommended reads from other Microsoft Executives in 2016. 


The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America
The author’s annual letters to the stockholders of Berkshire Hathaway are edited to present the main themes regarding business, investing, price, value, corporate governance, and other important topics.


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