Power BI Desktop – August 2016 Update

New features and updates are coming to Power BI Desktop in August:

Analytics pane will be the new central location for all analytical features

Dynamic reference lines provide the ability to create multiple data bound reference lines on clustered column and bar charts, line charts, and scatter charts – calculated based on the max, min, median, average or different percentiles of a selected measure.  You can add as many reference lines as you need, and for each line you can control name, what measure it is based on, the style, and if it has a label or not.

New data connectors include Impala DirectQuery support (preview), Snowflake connector (preview), improved Web connector, and General Availability of SAP BW connector.

Download the latest Power BI Desktop to experience the new features immediately.  For more infomation on these new features and others, visit the Power BI blog.


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