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What’s New with AWS – Week of June 11, 2018

3 days ago
Learn what’s new with AWS at – In this episode, find out what’s new with Amazon Cloud Directory and AWS Quick Start. Watch the entire series at –

Rachel Mushahwar at Intel Talks About the Partnership with AWS Public Sector

4 days ago
Rachel Mushahwar, General Manager, US, Enterprise, Public Sector & Cloud talks about the partnership with AWS Public Sector. Learn more about how AWS and Intel share a common vision about the needs of the Public Sector and accelerating time to market –

Amazon Sumerian: How to Change Entity Color

1 week ago
This video tutorial quickly shows you how to change the color or texture using the Material component. Learn more about Amazon Sumerian at –

What’s New with AWS – Week of June 4, 2018

1 week ago
Learn what’s new with AWS at – Find out what’s new with Server Fleet Management, Amazon Appstream 2.0, AWS Secrets Manager and Amazon Cognito.

How to Build an AWS DeepLens Project Using Amazon SageMaker

2 weeks ago
This step-by-step tutorial will help guide you through creating a model using Amazon SageMaker and importing it to AWS DeepLens. You will set up a SageMaker instance, import and configure an external notebook from GitHub and import the externally trained model to your AWS DeepLens. Learn more at – This is video 4 of […]

British Columbia Institute of Technology Uses AWS Educate to Prepare Students

2 weeks ago
Learn more about AWS in the Public Sector at – To fuel the pipeline of technologists entering the workforce, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), one of Canada’s largest post-secondary polytechnics, is constantly looking for ways to bring innovative technology to their students. Whether it is equipping students with cloud computing resources through […]

Tim Bray and Friends | Messaging for Real-Time User Engagement | Guest: Georgie Matthews

3 weeks ago
Georgie Mathews, Sr. Product Manager, joins Tim Bray, Sr. Principal Engineer, to discuss messaging for real-time user engagement and to demo a Twitter sentiment analysis using and Amazon Pinpoint. Follow along with the code here: and catch up on past episodes here –

How a Rideshare Giant Uses AI to Detect Business Anomalies

3 weeks ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Webinar Series at – Join our webinar to hear how Lyft and other data-driven organizations benefit from uncovering hidden insights in real time with AI solutions from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Anodot. Learn how to prevent events that can impact your revenue and brand integrity with a […]

Meet Deepa Zacharias, HR Director at Amazon Web Services, APJC

3 weeks ago
This is Deepa, HR Director at Amazon Web Services. What is she busy building amidst our expansion across APAC, Greater China, India, Japan & Korea? What does she think of the people and culture at AWS? Learn more at –

AWS Stockholm Summit May 2018 Keynote

4 weeks ago
Watch the AWS Stockholm Summit keynote with Dr, Werner Vogels, CTO, & Guido Bartels, Managing Director at AWS Nordics joined on stage by local customers sharing their experience with AWS. Learn more at –

Tim Bray and Friends | Messaging Fanout for Parallel Processing | Guest Expert: Sam Dengler

1 month ago
AWS messaging services enable different software systems and end devices–often using different programming languages, and on different platforms–to communicate and exchange information. Learn more at – You can use AWS messaging services to send and receive data in your cloud applications. The underlying infrastructure is automatically provisioned for high availability and message durability to […]

AWS Summit Milano 2018 | Improve productivity with Continuous Integration & Delivery

1 month ago
Watch the session conducted by Tara Walker, Technical Evangelist AWS at the AWS Summit Milan 2018. Learn more about AWS at – View slides from the presentation here – Improve productivity with Continuous Integration & Delivery from Amazon Web Services