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Next.js Basics #3 Building an Online Business

2 weeks ago
To get server-side rendering (SSR) and routing with React – the go-to framework is Next.js. We convert our create-react-app into a Next.js app. Also how Next.js handles style tags tied to components, but written like CSS in the ordinary fashion – a very neat approach! 💖💖💖 Next.js was suggested in the comments on the previous […]

Going from Sketch to React.js #2 Building an Online Business

3 weeks ago
Creating an HTML/React framework for our site from the Sketch sketch. Then realising… We should… Do things… Differently. 👍: we’re starting to do thing 😓: we’re not really accomplishing much 👍: life See the first video where we plan things out:

Capture Groups & Alternation – #2 REGEX ULTRA BASICS

4 weeks ago
This episodes shows the basics of how to use capture groups (), non-capture groups (?:) and alternation (|) in Regular Expressions in JavaScript. The editor is called Visual Studio Code and is free 💻 Code used in the episode 📝 If you’re totally new to regex you should definitely watch the first video […]


1 month ago
“This is kind of new to me, I’ve dealt with a lack of motivation before, but never anything like this.” How do you balance salary vs motivation? What are your options? Non-accredited no-credentials dev and design therapists MPJ and David, and the participants of the Fun Fun Forum help a fellow colleague out. This is […]

THE PLAN #1 Let’s build an online business 💰

1 month ago
NEW SERIES! We’re… building… an… ONLINE BUSINESS! Prepare for 105%-crash-and-burn total failure. It’ll be FUN and we’ll LEARN a lot! Expect: 📊 Business model 💰 Sales ⌨️ Code 🛡 Testing ⏏️ Deployment 🗺 Marketing 💯 Failure ❌ Minimal chance of Success. 🤗 But who cares!! We’ll learn a lot from this! In this episode, David […]

node.js basics

2 months ago
We look at how to use node.js to run some JavaScript on our computer, outside of the browser! That’s actually all that node.js is – it’s a way to run JavaScript outside of the browser. In this video, we look at how to install node, and how to use it to read and filter the […]

REGEX the Ultra Basics in JavaScript

2 months ago
A regular expression (or regex) is way to find strings within strings. It’s small code that when applied to a string, will give other strings – either the whole string or parts of the string. This video gives you the ULTRA BASICS of REGEX. Regexes most common use cases are: What can we use them […]

URL Parsing with RegEx, createElement and new URL()

2 months ago
Exploring how to parse URLs first with Regular Expressions (RegExp), then with document.createElement, and finally with new URL(). Example with RegEx Example with document.createElement In which browsers will url.searchParams work?

Learning to code on your mobile?

2 months ago
The answer is YES – you can learn to code on a smart phone – with the Grasshopper app. A neat way of combining both examples and quizzes to learn JavaScript on your mobile phone. ALSO a rant on how to NOT learn through learn-how-to-code excercises. Very exciting! Try the app out at or […]

What got you into programming?

2 months ago
What is “programming” really? David contemplating programming and what got him started. I mention ANSI and BBSes Would be awesome if you’d like to share in the comments below what got YOU into programming!

Top 3 Don’t-Need-jQuery

3 months ago
You don’t NEED jQuery today. Let’s look at the three things you totally can accomplish without dropping in the jQuery library on your app or site. $.ajax(), $().ready() and the jQuery DOM selector. This is DevTips with David. document.querySelector() DOMContentLoaded fetch() CodePen used in the video jQuery pushed Web […]

Goodbye DevTips

3 months ago
Thank you Travis for what you have started here on DevTips! Follow his journey onward on his new channel and also Instagram: Travis says goodbye to DevTips, but it is not the end of DevTips. David and MPJ from the high-fidelity prototyping with React series will continue DevTips.