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GitHub and Atom

4 weeks ago
Our hackable text editor now has a Git and GitHub Integration. Learn how to create branches, commit changes, stage, and push—all from the comfort of your Atom Editor. Questions? Find us at

GitHub and Visual Studio

4 weeks ago
Work with GitHub no matter what Microsoft IDE you choose. Join Microsoft Senior Software Engineer Jeremy Foster and GitHub Trainer Matt Desmond as they clone repositories, commit changes, create pull requests, and more using different features and extensions of Visual Studio. Questions? Find us at

GitHub and GitHub Desktop

4 weeks ago
GitHub Desktop isn’t an IDE, but if you don’t use an IDE with a Git or GitHub integration, it’s the next best thing. Learn how to create branches, commit changes, and sync your local repository with—all from our new, Electron-based Desktop App. Questions? Find us at

GitHub and Eclipse

4 weeks ago
Learn to use the eGit plugin with Eclipse to create branches, view diffs, commit changes, and push and pull from Questions? Find us at

GitHub and Xcode

4 weeks ago
Whether you’re a seasoned macOS developer or building your first iOS app, you’ll learn how to connect two of the most powerful development tools around with Xcode’s robust GitHub integration. We’ll also show you how to clone repositories, create branches, commit changes, and sync your changes with without leaving Xcode. Questions? Find us at […]

GitHub and Codacy

4 weeks ago
For this integration series webcast, join GitHub Trainer Eric Hollenberry and Codacy CEO and co-founder Jamie Jorge as they explore how to set up and ensure code quality within the GitHub ecosystem. Codacy is an automated code analysis/quality tool that helps developers ship better software, faster. Questions? Find us at or

GitHub and IntelliJ IDEs

1 month ago
IntelliJ IDEs and GitHub work together to make collaboration easier. In this webcast, watch JetBrains Developer Advocate Paul Everitt and GitHub Trainer Eric Hollenberry as they clone repositories, update remote work, commit changes, create pull requests, and more using the built in features of the IntelliJ IDEs. Questions? Find us at: or

GraphQL: Edges and Nodes

2 months ago
In GraphQL, edges and nodes store data. When you build a mutation or a query in GraphQL, you use the connections built by edges and nodes.

GraphQL: GraphQL vs Rest API

2 months ago
REST and GraphQL are two different types of APIs. This video shows the main differences between the two with an example of an API call on GitHub.

GraphQL: Pagination

2 months ago
Pagination in GraphQL uses a cursor. Instead of referencing a page number to get to a page, reference the cursor.

GraphQL: Query vs Mutation

2 months ago
Queries and mutations are ways to interact with the GraphQL API. Queries ask for information, and mutations make changes in information.

GraphQL: What’s an API

2 months ago
API stands for Application Program Interface. There are a few different types of APIS, and they are used all over the internet.