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Securing your site like it’s 1999 – Katie Fenn – JSConf EU 2018

2 weeks ago
Life in the early days of the web was hard. One day your HTML is disintegrating, the next you are fighting someone named “~Ninjad00d~“ who has found a way to take over your forum system. Lessons in security in these days were hard learned. These are the true stories from the early days of the […]

Visualising Enterprise Data with D3 – Sean Landsman – JSConf EU 2018

3 weeks ago
They say that Data is King, and this is true, but when faced with increasingly large amounts of data, it’s difficult if not impossible to make sense of what you’re looking at. This beginner to intermediate talk will discuss the benefits of adding visualations to your application and provide a thorough introduction to getting started […]

TCP – A story about hope, (pkg) loss && the missing link – Ola Gasidlo – JSConf EU 2018

4 weeks ago
Have you ever wondered, who is delivering those packages everyone on the network is talking about and what they are? Why does the internet even get chopped in little packages and send all across the globe? Don’t they get lost? And do those which get lost ever find their way home? As performance gets more […]

To push, or not to push?! – The future of HTTP/2 server push – Patrick Hamann – JSConf EU 2018

1 month ago
HTTP/2 server push gives us the ability to proactively send assets to a browser without waiting for them to be requested. Sounds great, right?! However, is this new mechanism really the silver bullet we all thought it was? Is it time to abandon our build systems and stop bundling our assets entirely? Or are lack […]

JavaScript Engines: The Good Parts™ – Mathias Bynens & Benedikt Meurer – JSConf EU 2018

1 month ago
Blog post: mathiasbynens.be/notes/shapes-ics JavaScript has definitely been among the most influential technologies for almost a decade now. A lot of this is due to the sophisticated JavaScript VMs in modern browsers, Node.js and Electron. In this talk we’re going to explore important ingredients of these modern JavaScript VMs, specifically how ChakraCore, the engine that powers […]

Look mum, no hands! — Brain controlled JavaScript – Charlie Gerard – JSConf EU 2018

1 month ago
A typical interaction with a device or interface involves touching it. Either you’re pressing buttons on a controller, swiping on a touchscreen or clicking on your laptop’s trackpad. But what if you could control things without the use of your hands? What if you could use… your thoughts? I have been tinkering with a brain […]

TC39 Panel – JSConf EU 2018

1 month ago
TC39 is the JavaScript standards committee. OMG JSConf EU is coming back in 2019 2019.jsconf.eu/

Burn bright but don’t burn out – Patima Tantiprasut – JSConf EU 2018

1 month ago
There’s a lot to be said about pressing pause, resetting and unfolding that roadmap often to see if you’re still going in the right direction. Being a brilliant dev is great, but being a brilliant dev who understands balance, how to manage time, how to focus and be aware of when they’re most productive and […]

Exploring Augmented Reality on the Web – Jordan Santell – JSConf EU 2018

1 month ago
Augmented reality is enabling all new experiences, interaction patterns, and technology. As the web begins to adopt AR capabilities, this new medium is now available to web developers. If you know JavaScript, you can develop AR experiences that are enhancements to an existing app, fun bite-size demos, or explore completely uncharted territory. We’ll explore what’s […]

Essence of Community and Inclusiveness Profits from EU to Iran – Ali Tabibzadeh – JSConf EU 2018

1 month ago
What do “Community” & “Inclusiveness” really mean in an ecosystem prosperity and constant progress. This talk demonstrates a perspective from a country that had not been familiar with these concepts and tells the story of how Iran is getting around the concept. It offers a new point of view as to what benefits and how […]

When you assume, you make an error out of you and me – Gabrielle von Koss – JSConf EU 2018

1 month ago
Our choices in wording are frequently more powerful than we realise, and we risk using this power liberally and erroneously. Let’s take a look at our ideas about how we communicate in our code and in our speech, and what effects those ideas have.

Deep Learning in JS – Ashi Krishnan – JSConf EU 2018

1 month ago
It’s clear by now that the robots are coming for us. Breakthroughs in AI fill our streams and news feeds, themselves the products of AI, the echoing algorithmic screams of a new kind of mind being born. Using deeplearn.js, we’ll find out how deep learning systems learn and examine how they think. The fundamental building […]