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Make: Live – Raspberry Pi Skillbuilder

2 days ago
Whether you’ve wanted to use the Raspberry Pi to build a home arcade or a 3d printing print server, your first project with a Raspberry Pi might be a little intimidating. This livestream will help you sink your teeth into Raspberry Pi, covering all the bases: the different versions of the computer, the stuff you […]

Introducing the GoPiGo Robot Kit

3 weeks ago
A great introduction to robotics, GoPiGo is a Raspberry Pi powered robot kit that is easily programmable and extremely extendable. Get the GoPiGo Robot kit:

Broken Nerd: Making a Puppet

3 weeks ago
In a completely different kind of project, Darrell Maloney of Broken Nerd makes a beautiful hand puppet from raw material. More from Broken Nerd: Video shot by Lance Williams with WhosJohnnyCreative Instagram/FaceBook/Twitter: @whosjohnnycreative

Alt.Ctrl: Amazing Games Made with Maker Tech

4 weeks ago
alt.ctrl.GDC is an annual part of the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco – it’s a showcase of bespoke interactive experiences with control interfaces customized to each game – and it’s all made possible through everyday maker technology: Arduino, raspberry Pi, CNC fabrications, 3d printing, and more. Here’s all the games we checked out: Too […]

Make: Live – Circuit Playground PZ-1 DJ Controller

1 month ago
One of the best features of the Circuit Playground are the capacitive touch sensors -they let you use just about anything to be a controller for anything else. So today we’re going to turn a pizza box into a DJ controller. Get all the parts for this project: Project Code & Instructions:

Announcing the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ – Faster CPU, Faster WiFi & More

1 month ago
Long overdue for an update, The Raspberry Pi 3 B+ now packs a 1.4Ghz processor, 5ghz Wifi, support for Power over Ethernet, BLE, and plenty more. Popular Raspberry Pi projects: Raspberry Pirate Radio: TOR/VPN Router: Raspberry Pi Home Automation: Cryptocurrency Tracker: Airplay Speakers:

Nintendo Labo: Is it for Maker Families?

2 months ago
We were really enticed by the announcement of Nintendo Labo earlier this year, but it left us with plenty of questions. We got to experience a hands on session with Nintendo’s cardboard-based hardware exploration kit, and we can’t wait for more.

DIY Mid Century Modern CNC Flat Pack Desk

2 months ago
Homage? cheap knock off? What do you think? Read the full article here:

Make: Live – Circuit Playground Skillbuilder

2 months ago
Do you love playing around with microcontrollers, but never really feel like they’re good tools for experimentation? It’s probably because you’ve never used a Circuit Playground. Like a virtual sketchpad for your digital ideas, the Circuit Playground is one of the easiest boards to prototype an idea, experiment, tweak, modify and build some really cool […]

DIY Modern Bluetooth Speaker

2 months ago
the podcasts you hear during this video are: Modern Maker podcast: Making it podcast: I’ve been wanting a bluetooth speaker for my desk for a while but frankly I can’t stand the modern design of most of them. I don’t need anything fancy, it doesn’t need to sound amazing, I just want it […]

Raspberry Pi CNC Controller

2 months ago
Ever wanted to keep your computer away safe the dust and chips of your CNC router? With a Raspberry Pi running Universal GCode Sender, you can keep your laptop out of the shop, and its cheap to replace if anything does go wrong. We’ll walk you through the setup in this video. Universal GCode Sender: […]

T’Challa’s Spear from Black Panther

2 months ago
Darrell Maloney from the YouTube Channel Broken Nerd has something really special for us on the release day of Black Panther: A 3d printed replica prop of T-Challa’s Spear! Check out his entire process in this video. More from Broken Nerd: