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Le PicBois: Wooden Clock

2 days ago
Patrick Laperriere of Le PicBois makes a gorgeous clock from a simple wooden round. Le PicBois: ———————————————————— Visit us on the web! Go to a Maker Faire! Subscribe to the Magazine! Twitch.TV: Follow us on Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest:

Oak, Glass, and Bluetooth. My awesome porch light

7 days ago
sponsored by Leviton we’re giving this porch light away! Sign up here: When leviton asked me to make the ultimate porch light, I kind of had a sarcastic response. Then I thought about it a bit and realized that I really would enjoy a more artistic and intelligent light. I don’t have an art […]

Arduino Neural Network Robot Part 3: Running Neural Networks on an Arduino

1 week ago
This is the final part of a 3 part series where Sean Hodgins is designing an open source Arduino based robot that will navigate using a neural network. Part 1 involved taking components to make a prototype for testing. Part 2 took the custom circuit board and populated it with components, adding some test firmware […]

How Do You test a 3D Printer, Anyway?

2 weeks ago
Year after year, 3d printers keep getting better, but how do you actually evaluate the quality of a printer? We use these test probes to evaluate each aspect of a printer individually so we can rank and score them. Download & Print your own Test Probes: ———————————————————— Visit us on the web! Go […]

Arduino Neural Network Robot Part 2: Soldering and Assembly

2 weeks ago
This is Part 2 of a video series where Sean Hodgins will be creating an open source Arduino based neural network robot. In Part 1 we looked at prototyping with some off the shelf components and created a custom circuit board. The board was order and is now ready to be populated with the components. […]

Giant Mechanical Iris Take 2

3 weeks ago
Yes, I know it doesn’t close all the way. this is by design. The first iteration of the giant mechanical iris in my home turned out to be somewhat pointless in its current position. When one of the leaves broke, I decided it was time to re-think the design. and location. I have a 2nd […]

Arduino Neural Network Robot Part 1: Prototype and Design

3 weeks ago
In this video series, Sean Hodgins will be creating an open source Arduino based robot from scratch that will navigate using some photoresistors and a neural network. In this video Sean will look at testing some off the shelf components, use those components to create a schematic, and finally use those schematics the create a […]

Le PicBois: Natural Edge Bowl

4 weeks ago
Patrick Laperrière of Le PicBois turns this beautiful live edge bowl from a log, just in time for the Autumn season. Le PicBois:

These Mechanisms Will Make You Fall In Love With Pinball All over Again

4 weeks ago
Fun with Pinball is an interactive exhibit created by Mark Gibson to tech people about the mechanisms of electromechanical pinball machines. Every individual mechanism is isolated and put on display so people can actuate them to see how they work.

Make your own 3d Zoetropes with 4-Mation

4 weeks ago
3d Zoetropes are a way to create an animation on your desktop visible with the naked eye. 4-Mation has a readymade kit that handles the platter motion and the strobes to let your creativity take the focus.

This Tiny Factory Makes Massage Rollers In No Time Flat

1 month ago
High School Sophomore Ethan Milligan brought this tiny manufacturing machine to Maker Faire Denver this weekend and impressed the heck out of me. It’s powered entirely by pneumatics and an Arduino Mega.

Make: Live – Raspberry Pi Robo Car

1 month ago
We’re building an autonomous car! The Donkey is a Raspberry Pi powered hacked RC car that uses computer vision to navigate it’s environment. We’ll be building it live on location at Sparkfun AVC 2017. Catch up on the project here: Sparkfun AVC 2017: Learn more about this project: