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Hybrid Storage with Azure File Sync

1 day ago
Klaas Langhout joins Scott Hanselman to show Azure File Sync for centralizing file services into Azure, which reduces the cost and complexity of managing islands of data while preserving existing app compatibility and performance. In addition, it provides multi-site access to the same data, tiering of less frequently used data off-premise, and integrated backup and rapid […]

Refactoring for the cloud with Darren Coil

1 day ago
Technology has a high rate of innovation, a short product shelf life, and razor-thin profit margins, which means companies have to be very careful about where to invest in digital transformation – especially when it comes to supply chain management. Darren Coil, a supply chain business technologies expert at Microsoft, said the company’s manufacturing centers […]

Introducing the new Import Flat File Wizard in SSMS 17.3

2 days ago
This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Alan Yu to the show! Alan Yu is a PM in the SQL Server engineering group focusing on SQL Tools, and today he is in the studio to talk about the latest SQL Server Management Studio 17.3 update.   Alan starts off by highlighting two new features in […]

ASP.NET Monsters #108: Using the LIKE operator in Entity Framework Core 2.0

2 days ago
Entity Framework Core 2 was released recently. In today’s episode we explore a new feature that allows us to specify the SQL Server LIKE operator when querying for entities. Related Links:GitHub Repo – Follow @aspnetmonsters

Rebuilding for the cloud with Robert Venable

3 days ago
Principal IT Architect Robert Venable and his team oversee MS Sales, the beating heart of financial tracking and billing at Microsoft. When the app was built 20 years ago, Microsoft released new versions of software for purchase only every few years. Now, Microsoft releases products faster, and handles billions of microtransactions from selling software as […]

Terraform With Azure

5 days ago
Learn Cloud Infrastructure Automation and provisioning of Microsoft Azure cloud services with HashiCorp Terraform.

Azure Application Service Environments v2: Private PaaS Environments in the Cloud

5 days ago
An App Service Environment v2 is a fully isolated and dedicated environment for securely running Azure App Service apps at high scale, including Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and API Apps. It is essentially a deployment of the Azure App Service into a subnet of your network, so think of it as your private Platform-as-a-Service environment […]

TWC9: Windows Developer Day On-Demand, TypeScript is 5, Xbox Onesies and Giant Battling Robots!

6 days ago
This week on Channel 9, Christina and Beth Pan discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:33] Windows Developer Day On-Demand – Fall Creators Update [00:57] TypeScript Turns 5 [Daniel Rosenwasser] [01:54] Announcing Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android, Microsoft Launcher [Joe Belfiore], Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android: What developers need to know [Sean […]

ILB ASE and Application Gateway

6 days ago
Christina Compy joins Scott Hanselman to talk about exposing your internet-isolated apps with an Application Gateway. This enables you to securely host multi-tier applications on an Internal Load Balancer (ILB) App Service Environment (ASE) and only expose the front-end applications that you want to expose. For more information, see: Create and use an internal load […]

Brad Anderson’s Lunch Break / s7 e3 / Ben Kepes, Public cloud analyst

7 days ago
This week Brad talks with Ben Kepes, a prominent public cloud analyst who, in his spare time, runs ultra-marathons and fights fires. Brad and Ben talk about the characteristics of companies that successfully modernize themselves, Ben offers advice to companies that are reluctant to embrace the cloud, and Brad has questions about new startups looking […]

Robust, Visual-Inertial State Estimation: from Frame-based to Event-based Cameras

1 week ago
I will present the main algorithms to achieve robust, 6-DOF, state estimation for mobile robots using passive sensing. Since cameras alone are not robust enough to high-speed motion and high-dynamic range scenes, I will describe how IMUs and event-based cameras can be fused with visual information to achieve higher accuracy and robustness. I will, therefore, […]

Jenkins Plugins for Kubernetes

1 week ago
Pui Chee "PC" Chan joins Scott Hanselman to discuss native support for Jenkins in Azure. Our plugins make it easy for you to build your project using a container agent and then automate deployment from Jenkins to an Azure Container Service Kubernetes cluster. For more information, see: Announcing Deploy to Kubernetes (blog) links: Azure […]