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The Frontend | Nuxt.js & Storyblok – Building a Complete Blog

4 days ago
Nuxt.js is a library which builds up on Vue.js. Storyblok is a headless CMS. With Nuxt and Storyblok combined, you can build amazing things! Learn how to build a complete blog in this mini series. In this video, we’ll start with Nuxt (Vue.js) frontend. This is a crucial step in this tutorial since it allows […]

Bootstrap 4 Theme Customization (with Sass) | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

1 week ago
Bootstrap 4 makes the customization of themes, colors and sizes easy! Use SASS to adjust the look of your Bootstrap 4 project to exactly the look you need. No expert knowledge is required – just some easy-to-follow steps. ———- Source Code for the Video: github.com/academind/bootstrap4-introduction/tree/06-customize Watch the Series on academind.com: academind.com/learn/css/bootstrap-4-tutorial/customization-themes-sass Official Theming Docs: getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/getting-started/theming/ […]

Bootstrap 4 Forms & Buttons | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

2 weeks ago
Forms and Buttons are crucial building blocks of basically every web page. Bootstrap 4 makes the addition and styling of forms and buttons a breeze thankfully! Learn how to take advantage of the right Bootstrap 4 classes to make your form inputs and buttons look good! ———- Source Code for the Video: github.com/academind/bootstrap4-introduction/tree/05-forms Watch the […]

Bootstrap 4 Alerts & Modals | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

2 weeks ago
Bootstrap 4 offers plenty of components but Alerts & Modals are among the most important Bootstrap 4 elements. With Alerts & Modals, you can provide user feedback or throw alerts. Bootstrap 4 makes the implementation of these elements very easy as you’ll learn in this video. ———- Source Code for the Video: github.com/academind/bootstrap4-introduction/tree/04-alerts-modals Watch the […]

Bootstrap 4 Navbar Concepts | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

3 weeks ago
The responsive navbar is one of the most important components Bootstrap 4 offers. With the Bootstrap 4 navbar help, you can easily add an automatically-collapsing (configured by you though) navbar to connect the different pages of your website. Learn more about the navbar core concepts in this Bootstrap 4 tutorial. ———- Source Code for the […]

Using the Bootstrap 4 Grid | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

3 weeks ago
The grid is one of the core assets of Bootstrap 4 – time to take a closer look and understand how you may use it, how you can set up responsive sizes and how you may align your grid items. ———- Source Code: github.com/academind/bootstrap4-introduction/tree/02-grid Watch the Series on academind.com: www.academind.com/learn/css/bootstrap-4-tutorial/the-grid Official Grid Documentation: getbootstrap.com/docs/4.0/layout/grid/ Dive […]

Bootstrap 4 Concepts & Setup | BOOTSTRAP 4 TUTORIAL

4 weeks ago
Bootstrap 4 is an awesome CSS Framework that makes the creation of good-looking web apps simple. We’ll take a closer look at the core concepts + the setup in this video. ———- Source Code for the Video: github.com/academind/bootstrap4-introduction/tree/01-installation Watch the Series on academind.com: www.academind.com/learn/css/bootstrap-4-tutorial/core-concepts-setup Official Bootstrap Page: getbootstrap.com Dive Deeper into Flexbox: academind.com/learn/css/understanding-css/flexbox-basics-container Dive Deeper […]

Storyblok and Nuxt.js | Behind the Scenes of Academind

4 weeks ago
We launched a brand-new version of academind.com a few weeks ago. Let’s take a brief look behind the scenes and see how we leveraged Storyblok and Nuxt.js. ———- Storyblok: www.storyblok.com/ Our Website: www.academind.com/ Nuxt.js: www.nuxtjs.org/ Statically Rendered Nuxt Apps: nuxtjs.org/guide/commands#static-generated-deployment-pre-rendered- Connecting Storyblok to your Development Server: nuxtjs.org/guide/commands#static-generated-deployment-pre-rendered- ———- • You can follow Max on Twitter […]

Vue Image Upload Made Easy

1 month ago
Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that allows us to build highly engaging web apps. Uploading images (or file upload in general) is a common requirement that can be difficult to implement. It doesn’t have to be! ———- Find the video and an article on: academind.com/learn/vue-js/snippets/image-upload Dive into Vue.js: www.udemy.com/vuejs-2-the-complete-guide/?couponCode=YOUTUBE_2 ———- • You can follow Max […]

React Image Upload Made Easy

1 month ago
React.js is a JavaScript library that can be used to build highly engaging web apps. In these apps, you often have to upload images or files. Learn how easy it actually is to do that! ———- Find the video and an article on: academind.com/learn/react/snippets/image-upload ———- • You can follow Max on Twitter (@maxedapps). • And […]

Angular Image Upload Made Easy

1 month ago
Angular is an amazing JavaScript/ TypeScript framework. We can build highly engaging apps with it. Uploading images is a common requirement and this video, we see how easy it is. ———- Find the video and an article on our website: academind.com/learn/angular/snippets/angular-image-upload-made-easy ———- • You can follow Max on Twitter (@maxedapps). • And you should of […]

Nuxt.js – Introduction by Project

1 month ago
Nuxt.js is a framework/ library for Vue.js – it makes the development of Vue.js applications easier and adds easy SSR (server-side-rendering) support. Let’s dive in! ———- Dive in deeper: www.udemy.com/nuxtjs-vuejs-on-steroids/?couponCode=ACAD_M Learn Vue.js first: www.udemy.com/vuejs-2-the-complete-guide/?couponCode=ACAD_M Take the Vue.js series: academind.com/learn/vue-js/learning-the-basics/ Official docs: nuxtjs.org context API: nuxtjs.org/api/context ———- • You can follow Max on Twitter (@maxedapps). • […]