Introduction to DevOps

2 years ago
It is a challenge to describe the DevOps culture, but at a high level it involves people, processes, and products (in this order). It requires development, testing, operations, business, and other teams to work together, efficiently, to deliver better and faster results to customers. This session covers the fundamentals of DevOps and helps you understand […]

Infrastructure as Code

1 year ago
This session on Infrastructure as Code demonstrates and discusses the benefits of leveraging techniques, processes, and tool sets used in software development to manage the deployment and configuration of systems, applications, and middleware. [00:46] Introduction to Infrastructure as Code[04:34] Demo – Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Tempate overview – DocumentDB and Website in Visual Studio Code[06:52] Demo – ARM template […]

Automated Testing

1 year ago
This session on Automated Testing demonstrates and discusses the benefits of running load, integration, and unit tests automatically attached to Continuous Integration or some other means. [00:45] Introduction to Automated Testing[01:55] Types of Automated Testing[07:46] Demo – Performance Testing from the Azure Portal[11:37] Demo – Testing tasks in a VSTS Build definition[14:42] Demo – Machine groups for Visual Studio Test Agent environments[21:07] Demo – […]

Continuous Integration

1 year ago
This session on Continuous Integration demonstrates and discusses the benefits of merging all working copies of developers’ code with a shared mainline, producing a new build upon code check-in. [02:24] Introduction to Continuous Integration[06:42] Demo – Fastest Continuous Integration demo ever[08:06] Demo – VSTS Build tasks and configuring a build definition[10:08] Demo – Creating a git branch from Visual Studio   [11:35] Best practice discussion […]

Continuous Deployment and Release Management

1 year ago
This session discusses the benefits and demonstrates Continuous Deployment and Release Management. Continuous Deployment, which usually comes after Continuous Integration (CI), is the ability to use the output from CI and deploy this new known good build to an environment automatically. The session also covers Release Management, which is the way to mature Continuous Deployment from just one environment to the rest of […]

Configuration Management

1 year ago
This session on Configuration Management demonstrates and discusses the benefits of handling changes systematically so that your systems maintain integrity over time. [02:10] Introduction to Configuration Management[04:35] Demo – Configuration Management and Continuous Deployment demo overview[06:54] Demo – Demo architecture[07:27] Demo – Three management server options: Azure Automation with PowerShell DSC, Chef, and Puppet   [09:36] Demo – ARM Template – creating the VM for […]

Application Performance Monitoring and Availability Monitoring

1 year ago
This session on Application Performance Monitoring demonstrates and discusses the benefits of having visibility into key metrics about your applications, as well as alerts and logging about their health. It also covers the Availability Monitoring practice. [03:18] Introduction to Application Performance Monitoring[06:45] Introduction to Availability Monitoring[10:02] Introducing Application Insights and capabilities[13:20] Demo – Adding Application Insights code to monitor pages    [16:00] Demo – Adding the […]

Advanced DevOps Practices

1 year ago
This session explains and demonstrates some advanced DevOps practices like Testing in Production, Fault Injection, User Telemetry, and A/B Testing. [00:27] Automated Recovery – roll back[02:30] Automated Recovery – roll forward[03:58] Automated Environment De-provisioning[07:10] Hypothesis Driven Development[09:08] Testing in Production [12:35] User Telemetry [14:17] Fault Injection[17:18] Demo – Deployment Slots and Testing in Production[22:55] Resources Resources: DevOps Dimension Show Parts Unlimited HOL Follow @nzthiagoFollow @dtzar