Visual Studio Tip: Quick Launch

4 years ago
Ever gone digging through Tools – Options trying to remember where you change the font size in the text editor? Or ever searched through all the menus because you accidentally closed the Server Explorer Window and needed to open it again? Quick Launch is a feature added in Visual Studio 2012 which allows you to […]

Visual Studio Tip: Peek Definition

4 years ago
You are working on your code and find a method call. You can’t remember what that method does. Maybe you use Go To Definition F12 to bring up the method you are calling so you can review the code. If you use Go To Definition you will LOVE Peek Definition ALT+F12. Peek Definition will bring […]

Visual Studio Tip: Faster than CTRL+X, CTRL+V

4 years ago
Sometimes you need to move a line or block of code. Usually you would cut and paste the code. Well, if you only need to move it up or down a few lines, try selecting the code to move and using the keyboard shortcut Alt+Up arrow or Alt+Down arrow to move the selected code up […]

Visual Studio Tip: Lazy Code Snippets

4 years ago
You have probably discovered code snippets and you may even know you can create your own code snippets. But, I have a confession to make, I am lazy. I usually can’t be bothered to define the xml to create my own snippets. That’s why I love using the Toolbox! You can just drag code from […]

Visual Studio Tip: Where Does the Open Brace Go?

4 years ago
Want to start a fight between two coders? Ask them if the open brace goes on a new line or at the end of the method declaration! Luckily you can set up Visual Studio to put the brace in whichever location YOU prefer. Go to Quick Launch and type in "format" you will find lots […]

Visual Studio Tip: Dude, Where’s My File?

4 years ago
By default, the file path for Visual Studio projects is very long. When you want to access a subfolder or file in your project from Windows Explorer or reference the file path in your code, you can find yourself navigating up and down folders trying to find the file locations. Did you know you can […]

Visual Studio Tip: Customizing Search Output in Visual Studio

4 years ago
When you do a Find in Files (CTRL+SHIFT+F), by default the output displays the file path which can fill up the results window. Did you know you can use a registry key to customize the output of your search? Just create a string value in the registry called "Find result format" put it in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\12.0\Find  […]

Visual Studio Tip: Don’t Touch … Unless you want to, in which case go for it!

4 years ago
Microsoft recently released the Visual Studio 2015 preview. So, naturally, I had to share a Visual Studio 2015 tip! With more and more of us using touch devices as our primary laptops for development, we find ourselves naturally reaching for the screen instead of the mouse. Well, the Visual Studio team has added some nice […]

Visual Studio Tip: Tracking Unfinished Code

4 years ago
Rarely do we work on a single piece of code continuously until it is complete. Most of the time, we work on several pieces of code spread across different classes in bits and pieces and gradually put it all together. How do you keep track of the code you have to go back and update […]

Visual Studio Tip: Laptop or dual monitors? Pick the perfect layout for each!

4 years ago
If you are a developer with a laptop, chances are you have an office setup with dual monitors. But, when you leave the office you are limited to your laptop screen. Visual Studio 2015 has a new feature that allows you to save multiple screen layouts so you can quickly switch from a layout optimized […]

Visual Studio Tip: How do I request a new feature in Visual Studio?

4 years ago
I frequently get comments on my blog posts or videos asking "Why doesn’t Visual Studio do <insert feature here>?" In this video I will show you two easy ways you can provide feedback directly to the Visual Studio team!  

Visual Studio Tip: Faster HTML Coding in Visual Studio with Zen Coding

3 years ago
If you are doing web development in Visual Studio, you are coding HTML. Zen coding allows you to write HTML faster than ever! Using shortcuts Visual Studio will generate nested HTML elements and add attributes to your HTML elements. All you need to do is install the free VSWebEssentials plug in from the Visual Studio […]