CSSconf EU 2015 | Nick Hehr: Intro

3 years ago
Nick Hehr, MC of CSSconf EU 2015, welcomes the audience and introduces the event in… CSS! Nick is an empathetic community member, front-end developer, and avid Disney parks & animation fan. When he’s not at a meetup or contributing to Hoodie, you can probably find him at the nearest climbing gym. His mustache is real […]

CSSconf EU 2015 | Claudina Sarahe: The Front-End Revolution

3 years ago
Claudina’s talk explores events in the history of front end development that have lead to the bouleversement within the field. Despite what you might think, the revolution has nothing to do with the tools and technology. Twitter adoption isn’t what started the Arab Spring; Node isn’t responsible for JavaScript’s renaissance; and Wikipedia’s most significant accomplishment […]

CSSconf EU 2015 | Glen Maddern: Interoperable CSS

3 years ago
There have been a lot of ideas and a lot of speculation about the future of CSS in the last year or so, largely driven by the ingenuity of the React community. Will we write styling code purely in JS? Will CSS continue to be useful? Will someone concoct some X-files-style JS+CSS alien-human hybrid language […]

CSSconf 2015 | Tammie Lister: Emotion Through CSS

3 years ago
Tammie’s talk, Emotion Through CSS, will examine emotion as a powerful tool we can use to connect with users. Tammie will demonstrate why this is important and tell you how to start creating emotion through CSS and how to bring more personality to interactions. Tammie works at Automattic where she makes themes for WordPress. She […]

CSSconf 2015 | Zoe M. Gillenwater: Enhancing Responsiveness With Flexbox

3 years ago
“Enhancing Responsiveness With Flexbox”: Flexbox and responsive web design go great together, like peanut butter and jelly! Flexbox gives you more control over the things you care about in a responsive layout and lets you create much morecomplex and reliable layouts than you can with floats, table display, or inline-block. All with far less CSS. […]

CSSconf EU 2015 | Una Kravets: Photoshop is Dead!: Editing Images in CSS

3 years ago
Una’s talk, Photoshop is Dead: Editing Images in CSS, demonstrates how we can use CSS blend modes, filters, and gradients to implement custom photo effects right in the browser. The talk helps us understand how blend modes work and will show us how to implement dynamic and accessible graphics within our own web projects. Una […]

CSSconf EU 2015 | Katie Kurkoski: Developing for Localization

3 years ago
As a developer for Getty Images whose site is localized into more than 20 languages, Katie is all too familiar with the layout havoc caused by translated content. In her talk, “Developing for Localization: CSS Techniques To Get Your Message Across To The World Wide Web”, she will demonstrate CSS techniques to get your message […]

CSSconf EU 2015 | Lea Verou: The Missing Slice

3 years ago
Think of the humble pie chart. Simple and ubiquitous, yet surprisingly difficult to create with Web technologies in a flexible, maintainable way. Faced with this simple goal, Lea will take you on a colorful interactive journey through several aspects of CSS and SVG and will sweep you off your feet with clever ways to use […]

CSSconf EU 2015 | Horia Dragomir: I Don’t Want To Be On Facebook All Day!

3 years ago
Horia’s talk tells the story of building Horia will give us a glimpse into how CSS is used at Facebook, and how it worked both for and against the developers tasked with working on the first secondary domain: Contains cool CSS and a bit of React. You’ve been warned! Horia is currently a […]

CSSconf EU 2015 | Michael Mifsud: It’s All Just Functions And Variables

3 years ago
Michael’s talk, It‘s All Just Functions And Variables, will tell the story of how weeks of being taunted by nonsensical compiler errors and a supportive community turned him, a “lowly” front end developer, into a core contributor to LibSass – a large C/C++ project. He will unravel the stigma that “front end developers aren’t real […]

CSSconf EU 2015 | Tim Holman: Fun.css

3 years ago
On a mission to take that seriousness away from the world of web development Tim’s talk, Fun.css, delves into some of the strangest areas of the internet. Tim introduces us to unusual and bizarre techniques and ways of thinking that we can use to create friendlier and, at the very least, more interesting experiences. Tim […]

CSSconf EU 2015 – Mood Film

2 years ago
400+ attendees from 30+ countries gathered in Berlin for a day of CSS / front end magic. This was CSSconf EU 2015 ★ Thank you to our incredible team, amazing speakers, great sponsors, and YOU for making it such a fantastic and inspiring one! — CSSconf EU is a conference dedicated to the designers, […]