How Docker Helps Open Doors at Assa Abloy

4 months ago
Over the past 20 years, Assa Abloy has transformed from a mechanical lock producer to the global leader in door-opening solutions. Today, Assa Abloy is at the forefront of innovation when it comes to digital access solutions. During this talk, we will discuss how Assa Abloy is using Docker EE to build a Common Access […]

Using Docker to Scale Operational Intelligence at Splunk

5 months ago
With more than 14,000 customers in 110+ countries, Splunk is the market leader in analyzing machine data to deliver operational intelligence for security, IT and the business. Our rapid growth as a company meant that our Infrastructure Engineering Team, responsible for all the common tooling, build and test systems and frameworks utilized by the Splunk […]

How Docker EE is Finnish Railways Ticket to App Modernization

5 months ago
VR Group-Finnish Railways is responsible for 118 million passenger rides and moving 41 million tons of cargo a year and is seeing overall growth in rail transit throughout Finland. A priority for the organization is to provide improved customer services, including an improved seat reservation system and bringing modern experiences like next generation mobile apps […]

Letting Science Drive Technology at GlaxoSmithKline

5 months ago
GlaxoSmithKline is a global science-led healthcare company whose mission is to help people do more, feel better, and live longer. In support of this mission, GSK not only discovers, develops and makes medicines that treat a broad range of the world’s most common acute and chronic diseases; but also must optimize this process to make […]

A Story of Cultural Change: PayPal’s 2 Year Journey to 150,000 Containers with Docker

5 months ago
Adopting containers at scale is fundamentally a cultural change. In late 2015, PayPal decided to migrate en masse to containers for applications built on many different frameworks over the last 15 years. It was a bold and strategic plan that included how to showcase value of containers to leadership, a phased execution strategy, building the […]

Shipping and Shifting ~100 Apps with Docker EE

5 months ago
Alm. Brand has been successfully running greenfield Dockerized workloads in production for nearly two years. However, enterprises are known for their very long-lived and ill-maintained monoliths which are not easily rewritten or relocated, and we have our fair share of those. Focusing on freeing up precious ops time, Alm. Brand ventured to transform all legacy […]

Learn Fast, Fail Fast, Deliver Fast: The ModSquad Way at MetLife

5 months ago
The introduction of Microservices and Containers present challenges to organizations that go beyond implementation and operation. These are inherently disruptive technologies and a risk-averse enterprise can struggle as the business culture adapts to change. At MetLife we tackled change and disruption with a highly focused and nimble innovation team called The ModSquad, that is empowered […]

Building a Secure and Resilient Foundation for Banking at Intesa Sanpaolo with Docker EE

5 months ago
Intesa Sanpaolo is one of the first banking groups in the Euro zone, with over 12 million customers and 4,600 branches in Italy. With a lot of traditional monolithic applications that are difficult to maintain and evolve, Intesa turned to Docker to help them both modernize the applications and improve their portability so that they […]

The Container Evolution of a Global Fortune 500 Company

5 months ago
In our new digital economy, keeping up can feel like a never-ending expansion of costly technical overhead. Each “trend” adds net-new operational and capital expenses to seemingly bloated run-rate measures – already challenged by leadership. Containers may feel like just another one of these trends, bringing its own additional expense. At MetLife, however, we sought […]

MetLife Modernizes Traditional Apps to Reduce Total Costs by 66%

6 months ago
Jeff Murr discusses two different projects at MetLife leveraging Docker Enterprise Edition. From new microservices and cloud migration to the modernization of legacy apps with containers. Instead of having a costly disruption, MetLife is able to reuce total costs by 66% for 593 apps – to reinvest the savings into new innovations. — Docker […]

Fox Media Cloud Modernizes .NET Apps with Docker Enterprise Edition

6 months ago
Dmitry Erman from Fox MediaCloud, shares their experience in Modernizing a .NET app with Docker Enterprise Edition, Azure and services from Avanade. The MTA POC helped to jumpstart the migration to Azure, upgrade off an older version of Windows Server, create a highly available app architecture and accelerate deployment times. — Docker is an […]

How Microsoft IT Leverages Docker Enterprise Edition for IT Agility

9 months ago
Watch Mark West, Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft, explain how Microsoft IT is using Docker EE to improve data center efficiency and accelerate their CI/CD transformation. — Docker is an open platform for developers and system administrators to build, ship and run distributed applications. With Docker, IT organizations shrink application delivery from months to minutes, […]