Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs)

5 days ago
Yashesvi Sharma joins Scott Hanselman to discuss how to significantly reduce costs up to 72 percent compared to pay-as-you-go prices with one-year or three-year terms on Windows and Linux virtual machines (VMs). When you combine the cost savings gained from Azure RIs with the added value of the Azure Hybrid Benefit, you can save even […]

Unified alerts in Azure Monitor

2 weeks ago
Kiran Madnani chats with Scott Hanselman about Azure Monitor, where you can set up alerts to monitor the metrics and log data for the entire stack across your infrastructure, application, and Azure platform. Learn about the next generation of alerts in Azure, which provides a new consolidated alerts experience in Azure Monitor. Plus, new metrics-based […]

Azure App Service Web Apps

2 weeks ago
Byron Tardif joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Azure App Service Web Apps, the best way to build and host web applications in the programming language of your choice without managing infrastructure. It offers auto-scaling and high availability, supports both Windows and Linux, and enables automated deployments from GitHub, Visual Studio Team Services, or any Git […]

Azure AD Managed Service Identity

3 weeks ago
Arturo Lucatero joins Donovan Brown to discuss Azure AD Managed Service Identity, which can be used to authenticate to any service that supports Azure AD authentication. For more information, see: What is Managed Service Identity (MSI) for Azure resources? (docs) Create a free account (Azure) Follow @donovanbrown Follow @AzureFriday Follow @ArLucaID

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 overview

3 weeks ago
James Baker joins Lara Rubbelke to introduce Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, which is redefining cloud storage for big data analytics due to multi-modal (object store and file system) access and combining the best qualities of a dedicated analytics file system with those of a cloud-scale object store. For more information: Introduction to Azure Data […]

Managing costs with the Azure Budgets API and Action Groups

3 weeks ago
Vinod Kurpad joins Lara Rubbelke to discuss how Azure Cost Management APIs provide critical cost management features like budgets and data APIs to enable granular analysis of your cloud spending. In this episode, you’ll see how to control what happens in your subscription when you reach budget limits you define using the Azure Budgets API with Action […]

Using JFrog Artifactory with Azure Kubernetes Service

3 weeks ago
Kit Merker, VP of Business Development at JFrog shows how you can easily build and release software using popular DevOps tools including Git, Jenkins, Artifactory, and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). JFrog Artifactory is a universal package management binary repository that enables DevOps teams to go seamlessly from Code to Cloud, and support your build, push, […]

Cross Platform for Azure PowerShell

4 weeks ago
Aaron and Scott check out the latest updates in Azure PowerShell, from simplified scenarios to `-AsJob` backgrounding support. This new functionality is now available on Mac, Linux, and Windows with PowerShell Core 6. For more information: Azure PowerShell docs Create a free account (Azure) Follow @SHanselman Follow @AzureFriday Follow @twitchax

Service Fabric Extension for VS Code

1 month ago
Peter Pogorski chats with Scott Hanselman about building Service Fabric applications with the Service Fabric for VS Code extension. This episode introduces the process of creating and debugging Service Fabric applications with the new Service Fabric extension for VS Code. The extension enables you to create, build, and deploy Service Fabric applications (e.g., C#, Java, […]

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) GA

1 month ago
Brendan Burns joins Lara Rubbelke to discuss GA of Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Developers can drastically simplify how they build and run container-based solutions without deep Kubernetes expertise. For more information: Quickstart: Deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster Azure Container Hackfest repo on GitHub Sample: BikeSharing360Node repo on GitHub Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) product […]

Java in App Service on Linux

1 month ago
Shrirang Shirodkar joins Donovan Brown to discuss what’s new in App Service for Java developers. You’ll see how Java developers can build web apps for Linux without having to deal with custom Docker containers (i.e., how to use the Tomcat Docker containers provided out of the box). How to use the new deployment mechanism in […]

Tips for using the Gremlin API with Azure Cosmos DB

1 month ago
Jayanta Mondal stops by to chat with Scott Hanselman about Gremlin, the traversal query language for Cosmos DB graph. Gremlin being a dataflow language and procedural is nature, writing efficient Gremlin queries requires the knowledge of graph structure and the query execution plan. Learn how to structure a Gremlin query, and what are the best […]