Azure for Startups: Solutions for rapid growth

11 months ago
In less than four minutes, Sr. Technical Evangelist Ori Zohar provides a primer on how startups can take advantage of Azure to quickly go from MVP to scale growth.

Startup Stories: Lessons Learned

12 months ago
Around the world, new companies are born every day.  Pain points spark ideas, ideas become new products and services – and if the approach and the market conditions are right – a successful company is born.  We sat down with 7 startup founders who shared advice they wish they had received before starting out.

Startup Stories: Stackery

12 months ago
Portland-based Stackery is building the first production-grade serverless toolset, enabling developers to build and ship serverless applications with automation, security, and operational best practices.   Hear from the founder Chase Douglas as he describes the technical challenges that confront startups.

Startup Stories: NooBaa

12 months ago
NooBaa resides in the best of both worlds.  They aim to provide the flexibility of the cloud with the sovereignty of on-prem in one solution.   Hear from the founders as they describe what to look for when building your team.

Startup Stories: Envisagenics

12 months ago
Envisagenics is a bioinformatics startup spun out of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.  Their mission is to boost the creation of new therapies for new diseases by reducing the complexity of biomedical big data. Listen to the founders’ advice for people considering starting a company.  

Startup Stories: Coralogix

12 months ago
Coralogix is a startup with a mission.   They aim to shorten the time to detect and solve problems across test, staging and production with advanced machine learning.    Hear the founders talk about the ups and downs of being a startup.

Startup Spotlight: TadaWeb

12 months ago
Luxembourg-based startup TadaWeb is helping organizations better understand online information by cloning key processes and replaying them at the speed of a computer.   Hear from founder Genna Elvin as she outlines the pitfalls of taking advice and the benefits of finding the right partners early on.

Startup Spotlight: Bansen Labs

12 months ago
Bansen Labs is a startup building elegant, scalable solutions for people of all abilities, empowering them to lead more fulfilling and connected lives.   Their first product, Xogo, is a hardware and software offering that allows users to convert any device into controllers for use with all consumer technology.   Hear advice from the founders […]


1 year ago
Affinio is an award-winning marketing intelligence platform that leverages massive consumer data sets to understand today’s consumer through their interests. Founded in 2013, Affinio empowers the world’s leading brands, agencies, media companies, and publishers to redefine the way they research, plan, and execute marketing strategies.


1 year ago
LogDNA, a Y-Combinator-backed startup uses machine learning to analyze and predict issues with server logs.  Similar to how geneticists analyze human DNA, the service enables companies to isolate issues before they become problems in production environments.


1 year ago
Coralogix applies machine learning to the analysis of software logs to find errors quickly. More than 70 percent of resolution time is wasted on discovering errors and bugs in corporate software, while only 30 percent is spent fixing them. The cost of this labor burden is a serious incentive for companies to seek out more […]


1 year ago
Acast helps podcast providers monetize content and gives listeners an enjoyable place to discover it. What makes us different is that we’re an end-to-end platform: a content management system, analytics engine, distribution network, advanced advertising service, listening app, and sales assistance force. And we’re the world’s first fully social podcast platform with an embeddable player […]