Setting up and Getting Started with Power BI Embedded

3 days ago
Today’s Data Exposed show welcomes Ran Breuer and Arina Hantsis to the studio. Both Ran and Arina are Software Engineers on the Power BI team, and have flown in from Israel to talk about how to get started with Power BI Embedded.  In this 22 minute video, it’s all demo as Arina and Ran provide […]

Azure SQL Database Geographic Failover at Scale

5 days ago
In the Channel 9 studios this week is the amazing Sasha Nosov, Principal PM on the SQL team. Sasha is on the Data Exposed show today to talk about how to do Disaster Recovery in Azure SQL Database using auto-failover groups. Sasha was in the studio a while ago to talk about Azure SQL DB […]

TPC-H Benchmarking with SQL Server on Linux

1 week ago
Tobias and Slava are back in the studio to showcase the work they have been doing on the TPC-H benchmarking. As normal, no slides, all demo, and Slava and Tobias spend nearly 30 minutes show us how they achieved respectable TPC-H benchmark performance numbers which were recently published. After spending a few minutes providing some […]

Spark Performance Series – Part 1

3 weeks ago
This week’s Data Exposed show welcomes back Maxim Lukiyanov to kick off a 4-part series on Spark performance tuning with Spark 2.x. Maxim is a Senior PM on the big data HDInsight team and is in the studio today to present Part 1 of his 4-part series. [03:00] – Spark Use Cases as it pertains […]

Building Search Apps with Azure Search and AzSearch.js

1 month ago
What? An Azure Search video that doesn’t have Liam Cavanaugh in it? Hey, that’s ok, because in the Studio today is someone equally as awesome, Evan Boyle, a Software Engineer on the Azure Search team. Evan is in the studio today to show off AzSearch.js, a JavaScript library that makes incorporating and building Azure Search […]

Understanding the U-SQL Batch Job Execution Lifetime

1 month ago
Saveen Reddy, Principal PM Manager in the Big Data team, is back in the Channel 9 studios for the week’s Data Exposed show to talk about U-SQL batch query execution. This is awesome, because Saveen spends 30 minutes walking us through the details of what happens when a U-SQL job is submitted.  Saveen begins at […]

Loading Data into Azure SQL DW using Polybase

2 months ago
Another short but awesome all-demo video! In this week’s episode Casey Karst, a PM in the SQL Server team, is back in the studio to show how to use Polybase to load data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse.  Casey spends the first few minutes explaining Azure SQL Data Warehouse is, the importance of data for data warehousing, […]

What Is New in U-SQL for March ’17

2 months ago
Once again the Data Exposed show welcomes back Michael Rys, Principal PM in the Big Data group, to give us an update of U-SQL. At the [01:25] mark Michael lists the features in U-SQL that have been deprecated in the new release of U-SQL, and discusses why the features were deprecated and what that means […]

MSSQL Extension for VS Code

2 months ago
This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Kevin Cunnane to the show to talk about the Big Data Partner Program. Pranav is a Senior Software Engineering Manager in the SQL Server tools team.  No slides and all demo (we love that!) as Kevin jumps right in to showcase the multi-OS tools that Kevin and his […]

Synonyms in Azure Search

2 months ago
Back by popular demand is a man who needs no introduction (but we’ll give him one anyway) is Liam Cavanagh, Principal PM in Azure Search. In this very quick but awesome demo Liam shows off the new Synonym capabilities in Azure Search. No slides, just pure demo, Liam shows off how Azure Search has implemented […]

Debugging C# user code in a U-SQL query locally

3 months ago
I LOVE videos like this, and so will you. Short, but powerful with no slides and all demo. Saveen Reddy, Principal PM Manager in the big data team at Microsoft comes in to show how easy it is to debug C# user code in a U-SQL query using local vertex debugging. Saveen spends the first few […]

App Compatibility with SQL Server on Linux

3 months ago
This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Vin Yu to the show! Vin is a PM in the SQL Server engineering group focusing on SQL Server on Linux, and today he is in the studio to talk about and demo application capability between SQL Server on Windows and Linux.   No slides, all demo in […]