Interview with Paige Bailey, Senior Cloud Developer Advocate

2 weeks ago
In this episode of GALs, Christina Warren interviews Paige Bailey, a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate working on machine learning and artificial intelligence for Azure. Paige discusses the magic of Apple IIs; growing up on a farm in Texas; falling in love with Python and R via mapmaking and NASA internships; and going from geophysics in […]

Interview with Kelly Anderson, Product Marketing Manager, Azure Security

2 months ago
Golnaz sits down with Product Marketing Manager of Azure Security, Kelly Anderson. She talks about her experiences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, her time in the field, and how her mother was an inspiration for her to pursue a career in technology. Follow Kelly on Twitter here. Create a Free Account (Azure): […]

Interview With Urja Gandhi, Software Engineer, Expedia

2 months ago
Golnaz sits down with Urja Gandhi, Software Engineer at Expedia. Urja started off her career at AT&T working in India then moved to the U.S and started working at Microsoft and has since transitioned to Expedia. Follow her career journey in this episode of GALs. Founding partner & Mentor at University of Washington Husky Tech Founder […]

Interview with Rita Zhang, Principal Software Engineer

4 months ago
In this episode of GALs, filmed at the Microsoft Reactor space in San Francisco, Christina interviews Rita Zhang, a principal software engineer in CSE at Microsoft. Rita had just come off a technical presentation about using TensorFlow, Kubernetes, and Azure together, which led to an interesting conversation about open source at Microsoft and what surprised […]

Interview with Lauren Tran, Software Engineer Focused on Machine Learning

5 months ago
In this episode of GALs, we visit the Microsoft Reactor Space in San Francisco to interview Lauren Tran, a machine learning and artificial intelligence-focused software engineer in Microsoft Commercial Enigineering (CSE) team. Lauren didn’t necessarily plan on being a software engineer. She dual-degreed in marketing and CS and then went to work at Saks Fifth […]

Interview with Beth Massi, Product Marketing Manager for the .NET Platform

5 months ago
As the Product Marketing Manager for the .NET Platform Beth is responsible for growing .NET, attracting new users, and helping our customers understand & use .NET so they can build amazing solutions. As a former Microsoft MVP and .NET customer her passion for the platform and the community helps guide her every day. Watch this […]

Interview With Ruth Yakubu, Cloud Developer Advocate in Java and AI

5 months ago
Christina interviews Ruth Yakubu, a CDA focused on Java, AI, and cloud analytics. In this one-on-one interview, Ruth shares how she became interested in tech, and the career path that led her to Microsoft. In addition to her technical work, Ruth is also a fashion and beauty obsessed entrepreneur. She shares the journey with her […]

Interview With Beatris Mendez Gandica, Program Manager at Microsoft

5 months ago
Get to know Beatris Mendez Gandica ("Bea") during this one-on-one interview where she shares her path to Microsoft, current role, and passion for diversity and inclusion! Bea has had an interest in computers since Microsoft Encarta, which led her to spend countless hours learning different topics. She now spends most of her time on static […]

Interview with Peggy Johnson, Executive VP of Business Development

6 months ago
As executive vice president of business development, Peggy Johnson is responsible for driving strategic partnerships and transactions to accelerate growth for Microsoft and its customers. Johnson works with external partners around the world, ranging from start-ups to large-scale enterprises, to identify areas of collaboration, drive innovation and unlock shared value. In this capacity, she also […]

Interview with Jenny Lay-Flurrie, Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft

6 months ago
Kaitlin talks with Microsoft’s Chief Accessibility Officer, Jenny Lay-Flurrie. They discuss her journey from Birmingham, England working at Energis to relocating to the United States and helping create a culture of change at one of Seattle’s most mammoth tech companies. On top of being the CAO, Jenny created and leads the DisAbility Employee Resource Group at […]

Interview with Jasmine Greenaway, Cloud Developer Advocate on .NET

7 months ago
Jasmine Greenaway is a Cloud Developer Advocate in the Microsoft Azure Organization. She spends her days presenting at conferences and helping our product teams make .NET the best developer platform for building all your apps. Jasmine has had Software Engineer roles at Sears, Rockstar Games and GitHub. Watch this episode to learn more about her […]

Interview with Harini Gupta, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

7 months ago
In this episode of GALs, Soumouw interviews Harini Gupta, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.  Harini has been working at Microsoft for 11 years with plenty of experience in developing and shipping software that is used by billions of people. She has spent most of her career as a software developer/engineer. Switched roles in the last 2 years […]