Dynamics Connected Field Service for IoT

6 days ago
Kyle Young, Principal PM Manager in the Dynamics team shows us how the integration between Azure IoT Hub and Dynamics Connected Field Service allows automating workflows and bridge the world of IoT with the enterprise. Create a Free Account (Azure):

Provisioning IoT devices at scale – The Demo

2 weeks ago
Showing is always better than telling. Nicole Berdy joins Olivier on the IoT Show to demonstrate how the Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service can be used to implement zero-touch provisioning of (a lot of) IoT devices. Learn more on Azure IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service: Create a Free Account (Azure):

Azure IoT Edge – ready for enterprise-grade, scaled deployment

3 weeks ago
Azure IoT Edge is now generally available and ready for production. The release comes with new features making the platform enterprise ready such as 0-touch provisioning and CI-CD support through VSTS. Check out the 0-touch provisioning demo in this new episode of the IoT Show.   Create a Free Account (Azure):

Kubernetes integration with Azure IoT Edge

4 weeks ago
You are using Kubernetes to deploy and manage your containerized applications and wonder about distributing your clusters across traditional nodes and IoT devices? Azure IoT Edge now integrates with Kubernetes allowing you to seamlessly do exactly that! Learn how this works and check out the demo by Venkat Yalla, PM in the Azure IoT team. […]

Custom Vison AI on Azure IoT Edge

1 month ago
Running artificial intelligence directly on IoT devices seems like something straight out of sci-fi movies, right? It’s now something you can do pretty easily with Azure IoT Edge. And thanks to the Custom Vision Cognitive Service, you don’t even need to be a data scientist to create AI Custom Vision models! Emmanuel Bertrand, PM in […]

Azure IoT Edge updates

1 month ago
Azure IoT Edge has been out for 6 months now and Chipalo Street, PM in the Azure IoT Edge team, comes back to the IoT Show to give us an update on all that happened since our intelligent edge technology was released. Learn more about Azure IoT Edge on the IoT School:  Create a […]

STMicroelectronics Starter kits for Azure IoT

1 month ago
Manuel Cantone, from STMicroelectronics, presents latest developer kits that will seamlessly connect to Azure IoT. These kits allow to get started experiencing Azure IoT in a matter of minutes… demonstrated live! Learn more about the kits featured in this episode: IoT Discovery Kit: Sensor Tile:   Create a Free Account (Azure):

Azure IoT Hub device SDK for Python

1 month ago
You are a Python developer and you are wondering how you can get your feet wet developing for Azure IoT? We got you covered! Zoltan Varga, lead developer on the Azure IoT SDK for Python, joined us on the IoT Show to show us how it’s done! Check out the Azure IoT SDK for Python […]

Azure IoT Hub automatic device configuration

2 months ago
Device Management is complex, especially so for Internet of Things solutions considering the variety and heterogenous nature of IoT devices. Building on top of Device Twins and Device Direct Methods primitives, the new Automatic Device Configuration feature of IoT Hub paves the way toward a simple way to configure IoT devices at scale from the […]

COPA-DATA tells us about integrating IoT solutions in manufacturing and public sector

2 months ago
Bringing an IoT solution to production in a specific industry requires a deep understanding of both the said industry as well as Cloud and devices technologies. In addition, a high degree of digitization of companies’ processes is necessary. Johannes Petrowisch from our elite partner COPA-DATA came on the IoT Show to share their experience working […]

IoT White Boarded for the Top Floor

2 months ago
What is the Internet of Things and what is Microsoft doing about it? These are high level questions we have not addressed thoroughly yet on the IoT Show. Tom Davis, PM lead in the IoT Business Acceleration team, joins us for a whiteboard session to literally draw us the big picture.

Azure Maps intro for developers

2 months ago
Azure Maps is now publicly available. Previously know as Azure Location Based Services during it’s preview period, the service not only got a new name but also lots of great new features. Ricky Brundritt, PM in the Azure Maps team, walks Olivier through what’s new and interesting for developers in using Azure Maps to build […]