Announcing the Dream.Build.Play Finalists!

5 days ago
Just because the Dream.Build.Play competition has wrapped up, doesn’t mean that the fun has stopped! Andrew joins the show to announce the 12 finalists for the Dream.Build.Play competition. We also cover when and where you can tune in to find out who has won!

Dream.Build.Play February Update

2 months ago
Andrew Parsons joins the show to share the latest updates on the Dream.Build.Play game developer competition. Updates include final numbers of game submissions, the timeline for announcing the finalists and winners and more! Dream.Build.Play is a competition open to all developers, working solo or in teams of up to seven. Developers submit a Universal Windows […]

Dream.Build.Play December Update & Azure for Game Developers

3 months ago
Andrew Parsons joins the show to share some exciting news about the Dream.Build.Play game developer competition, including announcing additional prizes that are being given! Adam Tuliper also joins the show to talk about different scenarios you can enable with Azure, as well as how easy it is to get running in your game.  [0:17] Adam […]

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: A Discussion with Warfighter Engaged

3 months ago
Warfighter Engaged is a charity the, originally specializing with veterans, helps people with disabilities get back into gaming via custom control set ups. In this panel, comprised of two wounded veteran gamers, an engineer, an occupational therapist and the founder of the charity, they discuss everything from how gaming has been a part of their […]

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Myths and Reasons

3 months ago
Despite what you might think, accessibility is not difficult or expensive and makes a better product for everyone. In this presentation, Ian Hamilton, video game accessibility specialist, provides information on why accessibility is important and immensely impactful for users who require it, how it expands your audience, what you should do to make accessible games, […]

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Friction that Fits

3 months ago
There is no such thing as an "average user." As Bryce Johnson highlights with real world examples, trying to design for the average user can result in unusable products or poor experiences when the someone’s actual abilities interact with your product. This very problem highlights the importance of Inclusive Design. In this talk, you’ll learn […]

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Sightless Kombat

3 months ago
Accessibility Advocate, Youtuber and Blind Gamer Sightless Combat chats with Brannon Zahand about a wide range of topics on the challenges of bling gaming, including; his experiences trying to evangelize at E3, how he got into gaming, the fact that same games are still in mono, how he games, playing Killer Instinct, and what types […]

Gaming and Disability Boot Camp: Hey Listen, a Guide to Deaf Gaming

3 months ago
Michael Anthony has been a gamer since he could play Mario on his grandma’s NES and in this talk, he gives a comprehensive run down on deaf gaming and how to make more enjoyable experiences for deaf gamers. His talk covers it means to be deaf and his day to day experiences with gaming and […]

Dream.Build.Play November Update

4 months ago
Andrew Parsons joins the show to share the latest updates on the Dream.Build.Play game developer competition. We’ll also cover some tips and tricks for setting up Xbox Live in your game through the Windows Developer Portal.  Dream.Build.Play is a game developer competition that is open to all developers, working solo or in teams of up to […]

Episode 31: Exploring Jobs In Game Development

6 months ago
Ever wonder what it takes to make a video game? Video games can be made by several hundred people or a single person in a garage and there is a wide variety of skills and talents that come into play.  Dive into this talk with Katie Stone Perez to find out a bit more about […]

Girls Make Games Xbox Summer Camp 2017

8 months ago
Go behind the scenes of the Girl’s Make Games summer camp program hosted at Xbox in July 2017.   To find out more about Girl’s Make Games please visit their website You can also find more information about Xbox and Gaming For Everyone at   At Microsoft, our mission is to enable people and […]

Episode 30: Game Accessibility Conference with Ian Hamilton

10 months ago
Happy Global Accessibility Awareness Day! Join us as we chat with Ian Hamilton  about the importance of accessibility and the success of the inaugural Game Accessibility Conference. Ian is a UX design and accessibility consultant. We’ll chat about the success of the conference as well as quick ways for you to get started on making […]