Yammer updates – From new user experiences to new IT controls

1 year ago
Microsoft Mechanics takes a deep and hands-on look at updates to Yammer for enterprise-social, from enhanced security and compliance to greater team productivity. Angus Florance from the Yammer team demonstrates new integrated experiences, including Office 365 Video and Delve. And for admins, we’ll show you new controls for analytics, merging networks, and managing users.

Office 365 Compliance Control Updates

2 years ago
A look at the compliance side of the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center, the central place to view and manage your data – even beyond the Microsoft ecosystem. Watch and you’ll see how the experience is improved by centralized security controls, the ability to view and manage security and compliance for all your cloud […]

Behind the design: Surface Pen and screen interaction

2 years ago
A look at the physics behind the Surface pen and display interaction. From pressure sensitivity to parallax and latency.

Deploying and managing Red Hat solutions on Azure

2 years ago
An exploration of how you can use the hyper-scale of Azure to run and manage Red Hat solutions in your IT environment. We’ll also go over pre-built Red Hat Enterprise Linux images in the Azure marketplace, integrated support to help you troubleshoot issues and get access to Red Hat resources. Also, how you can take […]

Introducing Microsoft Planner – a new way to organize work

2 years ago
Today, we take a deeper look at Microsoft Planner—a new experience in Office 365 to organize work, manage and assign tasks and collaborate within your teams. We go hands-on and show you how to use Planner—including integrated experiences across Office 365. This show demonstrates how to get started with creating plans, assigning tasks and the […]

Azure Classic to Azure Resource Manager Migration

2 years ago
If you are an existing Azure user, we take a look at the new migration feature to help you move your IaaS resources from Classic to Azure Resource Manager without ANY downtime. We’ll refresh you on the awesome power of the Azure Resource Manager, look at how the PowerShell and CLI tools work to prepare […]

Introducing updates to Microsoft Dynamics AX

2 years ago
This week we catch up with Sri Srinivasan from the Dynamics AX team for an update on Microsoft Dynamics AX. From modern user experiences, to new ways for developing custom solution, we go hands on to show what’s new and what’s possible.

An Introduction to Microsoft Azure Information Protection

2 years ago
Microsoft Azure Information Protection is a new solution that makes it simpler to classify and protect information, even as it travels outside of your organization. You’ll see the new options that let you define how your users can classify their documents and emails during the normal course of their work. Find out how you can […]

The design and performance of Surface Pen, an engineer’s tour

2 years ago
In a continuation of our engineering focus, we take a brief but revealing tour of the ergonomic design and performance of the latest Surface Pen with Director of Program Management, Vineet Thuvara. Vineet explains, how the new Surface Pen is designed to deliver a natural and comfortable experience for writing and drawing in the digital […]

Updates to Office 365 in High Contrast Black Mode on a PC

2 years ago
On today’s demo bench, we are joined by Xbox Engineer, and member of Microsoft’s Accessibility Community, Steven Liss. Steven walks through why High Contrast mode is so important for people such as himself with a visual impairment and highlights the latest enhancements in Office 365 applications to support High Contrast themes in PCs. To learn […]

Introducing Advanced Security Management for Office 365

2 years ago
Lead engineer, Astrid McClean demonstrates Office 365 Advanced Security Management. A new capability added to the service which gives you enhanced visibility and control into your Office 365 tenant by: identifying high-risk and abnormal usage; assigning a risk score and alerting you when a policy gets triggered; enabling you to investigate alerts, set your own […]

Redefining the Laptop: An engineer’s tour of Microsoft Surface Book

2 years ago
Take a guided tour of the design and engineering behind the Surface Book, Microsoft’s first laptop. Jeff Stewart, Director of Program Management for Surface devices, demos and details this redefining laptop.