Episode 179: Live Stream Your Coding with Suz Hinton

5 months ago
We talk with Suz Hinton about her experience live streaming her coding on Twitch. Software development is the #1 job right now. And an app that can turn your drawings into an app.

Episode 181: Windows App Publishing Project with Stefan Wick

5 months ago
We talk with Stefan Wick about the desktop bridge tooling. What is a security.txt file. And how a side project helped me double my salary.

Episode 180: Blockchain with Zeyad Rajabi

5 months ago
We talk with Zeyad Rajabi about blockchain and what Microsoft is doing in this. How to stop me harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. And 10 software predictions for 2018.

Episode 178: The Best of January

6 months ago
This week Carl and I talk about all of the news that’s been piling up in January. Are you too old to program? How hackers are stealing all your info. And Carl tries to troll me, but I’m totally right.

Episode 177: Personal Learning Side Projects

6 months ago
We talk with Brandon Martinez about our personal projects and how to always be learning. Tar and Curl come to Windows. Our take on the Apple slowdowngate.

Episode 174: Connect(); & Mile of Music with Jared Kuehn

8 months ago
We talk with Jared Kuehn about the Mile of Music project. We also cover some of the big announcements from Connect(). And why is JSON parsing 10x faster than XML parsing in SQL Server?

Episode 173: Machine Learning & Lie Detection with Jennifer Marsman

8 months ago
We talk with Jennifer Marsman about using machine learning to build a lie detector and other cool ML projects. LinkedIn helps you write your resume. And a free chaos engineering book.

Episode 172: Technically Wrong with Sara Wachter-Boettcher

8 months ago
We talk with Sara Wachter-Boettcher, author of Technically Wrong, about real examples of software mistakes that are biased and alienate users. 15 underutilized features of .NET. And Google is shipping the new pixel phone without Android.

Episode 170: Animation at Work with Rachel Nabors

9 months ago
We talk with Rachel Nabors about all things animation, and she comes bearing discount codes. CCleaner is infected. Machine learning in the browser. And Edge comes to iOS and Android.

Episode 171: Razor Pages with Ryan Nowak

9 months ago
We talk with Ryan Nowak about Razor Pages in ASP.NET. Visual Studio 15.5 preview  is here. And where in the woods is Jason?

Episode 169: SAP MailWave Azure Architecture with Dominik Tornow

9 months ago
We talk to Dominik Tornow about how SAP used Azure for an internal application built on top of an event driven architecture using Service Bus, Azure Functions, Stream Analytics, and much more.

Episode 168: SQL Server 2017 with Jes Borland

10 months ago
We talk with Jes Borland about SQL Server 2017. We talk about the iPhone x-pensive. And stop listening to this episode, and listen to this episode about recursion.   Subscribe in any podcast app by searching for "ms dev show"   Subscribe on YouTube ➥: Watch on Channel 9 ➥: Subscribe on iTunes […]