Alfonso García-Caro – Fable

3 weeks ago
This week, we speak with Alfonso García-Caro about Fable, the fabulous F# to JavaScript compiler. Fable website: Fable REPL: Awesome Fable, a list of Fable resources: FableConf, Bordeaux Sept 22: First ever Fable conference! The Gamma Project: Disruptive project made with Fable for data-driven storytelling on the web Ionide: VS Code and Atom extension for F# made […]

Don Schenck – Red Hat

4 weeks ago
This week, Don Schenck from Red Hat is on the show to talk about .NET on RHEL. To get .NET Core: For Red Hat Enterprise Linux-specific .NET Core: To get the Red Hat Development Suite, including a no-cost copy of RHEL, Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift: To get the book "Transitioning to .NET Core […]

Sébastien Ros – Modular ASP.NET apps

2 months ago
This week, Sébastien Ros is back on the show to demo the fantastic support for modularity that was built for Orchard Core, but that is usable in any ASP.NET Core application.

Tamás Vajk and Olivier Gaudin – SonarLint and SonarQube

2 months ago
This week we speak with Tamás Vajk and Olivier Gaudin about SonarLint and SonarQube. SonarLint: SonarQube: Sonar analyzers on GitHub:

Sidarth Gupta – Tizen

2 months ago
Toady we speak with Sidarth Gupta from Samsung about Tizen. Tizen is Samsung’s open source OS that runs on TVs, watches, phones, and other devices. The development platform for Tizen is built on .NET Core and Xamarin Forms. Tizen: Tizen .NET Preview:

Matt Watson – Prefix and Retrace

3 months ago
Today we speak with Matt Watson from Stackify about Prefix, a free lightweight dev tool that shows you real-time logs, errors, queries, and more, and about Retrace, a powerful commercial solution for gathering and analysis of performance data. Stackify: Prefix: Retrace: The Stackify + Azure story:

Scott Hunter – .NET Core SDK

3 months ago
Yesterday, we had a big product launch! Visual Studio 2017 is here, and with it come the releases of .NET Core SDK 1.0, and F# 4.1. Check out the posts for all the details: Announcing Visual Studio 2017 General Availability… and more by Julia Liuson. Visual Studio 2017: Productivity, Performance, and Partners by John Montgomery. […]

A tour of F# with Phillip Carter

3 months ago
Phillip Carter takes us on a tour of F#, following the plan of the Tour of F# doc topic.

Eric Mellino – A .NET Core Game Engine and CrazyCore

3 months ago
This week we chat with Eric Mellino about his .NET Core game engine, and the game he built: CrazyCore! Watch a walk through and demo on Linux where we edit a level.  Eric’s open source projects: Note: To see the actual graphics you should play the game! Alas, our screen capture recording […]

Beth Massi – Happy Anniversary, .NET!

3 months ago
This week, we chat with Beth Massi about .NET’s 15th anniversary. Beth’s anniversary post: The Twitter anniversary feed:

Phil Haack – GitHub

3 months ago
Phil Haack is our guest this week. He works for GitHub. Before that, he started ASP.NET MVC and NuGet at Microsoft. Phil on Twitter: Phil’s blog: The gang of foreheads book:

Docker – New .NET Core tooling

4 months ago
In this episode, we’re running ASP.NET in a Docker image, and we look at some of the changes in the .NET Core .csproj tooling.