.NET Core and Containers

2 days ago
On this episode of On.NET, Microsoft Cloud Developer Advocate, Jeremy Likness, is joined by Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP), Josh Lane, to discuss .NET Core and Containers. Josh and Jeremy discuss what containers are and how they fit into modern DevOps pipelines, then walk through the integrated tools in Visual Studio 2017 that assist developers […]

Lesser known features of C# 7

5 days ago
Did you know that there have been multiple minor releases of C# since 7.0? Many of these features make it much easier for developers to write more performant code by minimizing value type copying. Our good friend and C# language designer, Mads Torgersen (@MadsTorgersen), joins this episode of On .NET to talk to us about […]

Jeremy Likness – CosmosDB and .NET Core

1 week ago
Jeremy Likness discusses ComosDB and what makes it a truly unique and flexible NoSQL cloud offering. Learn about the CosmosDB support for multiple APIs including table storage and MongoDB, all accessible from .NET and .NET Core applications. Further Details Introduction to CosmosDB: Try CosmosDB for free: Explore CosmosDB (project):

Windows Compatibility Pack for .NET Core

2 weeks ago
Porting your .NET Framework applications over to .NET Core has been made even easier with the Windows Compatibility Pack. This NuGet package provides an additional 20,000 APIs to .NET Core 2.0; some which will only be able to work on Windows and some that could work on other platforms. In this episode, Immo Landwerth (@terrajobst) comes on […]

Jasmine Greenaway – Git tools in Visual Studio

2 weeks ago
Almost every software developer is using Git and has a GitHub account for either their personal or work projects. In this episode, we have Jasmine Greenaway (@paladique) joining Rich Lander (@RunFaster2000) to talk about the official GitHub extension for Visual Studio. [00:56] – How long has GitHub been working on this extension?  [02:11] – Functionality  included […]

Brandon Minnick – Async/Await Best Practices

3 weeks ago
Whether you’re building mobile or web applications, it highly likely that you’ve come across the async / await keywords in the .NET code you’re working on. This combo makes working with asynchronous operations really easy, but can also lead into hard to debug issues if they aren’t used correctly. In this episode, we are joined by Cloud […]

Dave Tillman and Zach Brown – Resilient Microservices with Steeltoe

3 weeks ago
Dave Tillman and Zach Brown (@moredeploys) join us in this episode to talk about the SteelToe(@SteeltoeOSS) project. They talk about CloudFoundry, and how Steeltoe enables .NET developers to build resilient micro services on top of it.   [01:16] –  What benefit does steel toe bring to .NET Developers [03:15] – Zach talks about creating parity […]

Maria Naggaga – Interactive learning with Try .NET

4 weeks ago
The way that we consume information is constantly changing. More people are putting down physical books and picking up laptops or tablets. When learning to code, people are looking for more interactive experiences to really get that knowledge to sink in. In this episode, Maria Naggaga (@LadyNaggaga) joins Rich (@RunFaster2000) to talk about the Try .NET […]

Shayne Boyer – Docker Tools for Visual Studio

1 month ago
Shayne Boyer (@spboyer) joins us to talk about running .NET Framework applications in Docker, and also gives us a demo of the Docker tooling available in Visual Studio 2017.  [02:35] – Shayne adds Docker support to a WCF application [06:45] – Rich asks about the Docker files added to the project [09:10] – Shayne shows […]

Peter Marcu – Raspberry Pi and Arm 32

1 month ago
In this episode of On .NET, Peter Marcu (@PeterMarcu‏) joins Rich to talk about how to get started with coding for a Raspberry PI board using .NET Core. He shows us what’s on the board, discusses some of the challenges, and even goes through a few code samples.  [02:54] – Peter describes the components on […]

.NET Core 2.1 Roadmap PT.2

1 month ago
In this second part of our discuss on the .NET Core 2.1 Roadmap, Scott Hunter, Richard Lander, Daniel Roth, and Andrew Peters return to go through demos of the new features. [00:43] Global tools [02:25] Windows Compatibility Pack for .NET Core [05:12] SignalR on ASP .NET Core [06:55] ASP .NET Core HTTPS and HSTS support […]

.NET Core 2.1 Roadmap PT.1

1 month ago
Scott Hunter, Richard Lander, Daniel Roth, and Andrew Peters come on the show to tell us about the roadmap for .NET Core 2.1. They cover some of the exciting new features and improvements being added to .NET Core 2.1, ASP.NET 2.1, and Entity Framework 2.1. [00:36] .NET Core Growth [01:46] .NET Core 2.1 Themes  [05:00] […]