Episode 489: Scott Addie on Migrating to ASP.NET Core

1 day ago
Scott Addie describes the challenges of migrating an existing ASP.NET applicatio to ASP.NET Core

Episode 488: Christina Aldan on Emotional Intelligence

2 days ago
Christina Aldan describes the 26 traits of emotional intelligence and how we can use our super powers to change ourselves and our world.

Episode 487: Adam Freymiller on Interviewing for a Tech Job

1 week ago
Recent graduate Adam Freymiller went through a job search and found a job. He describes process and some imperfections in recruiting and interviewing. He also points to some techniques that can improve the interviewing process.

Episode 486: Gael Fraiteur on PostSharp 5.0

2 weeks ago
Gael Fraiteur discusses Aspect Oriented Programming, his PostSharp product, and the new features introduced in PostSharp 5.0.

Episode 485: Miguel Castro on Building AngularJS Component-Based Applications

2 weeks ago
The Angular team added components to Angular 1.5. Miguel Castro discusses the advantages of components and how to rearchitect your Angular 1.x applications to take advantage of thes features.

Episode 484: Jimmy Bogard on AutoMapper

2 weeks ago
Jimmy Bogard describes the AutoMapper tool, how it is used, and what it takes to create and maintain a popular open source project.

Episode 483: Riccardo Bennett-Lovsey on Digital Transformations

2 weeks ago
Digital Transformations are an expected part of the digital revolution, says Riccardo Bennett-Lovsey. But this raises some issues in our industry.

Episode 482: Kent Alstad on Leadership

2 weeks ago
Kent Alstad discusses the concept of Leadership; how he has applied effective leadership at his organizations; and how everyone can exercise leadership skills.

Episode 479: Nancy Gaines on Productivity

3 weeks ago
Author and consultant Nancy Gaines describes ways that you can increase your productivity at work and at home.

Episode 478: Peter Leeson on Quality

3 weeks ago
Peter Leeson, author of Orchestrated Knowledge, describes the challenges companies face trying to measure quality.

Episode 477: Florin Loghiade on Testing PowerShell with Pester

3 weeks ago
Azure MVP Florin Loghiade describes how to use the open source Pester testing framework to test your PowerShell scripts. 

Episode 476: Boris Hristov on Technical Presentations

2 months ago
Boris Hristov describes how to deliver more effective technical presentation.