Speaker: Adina Shanholtz

Game Dev Show 09 – Game Dev and Education

Gaming and education is a broad title. In this episode of the Game Dev Show, whether or not you’re an educator, gamer, or just want to teach people your skills, this video will have content for you!   Follow Adina Shanholtz on twitter: @FeyTechnologist   Examples of Intro Videos –Intro to Construct2 (video) –Construct2 Game Design […]

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Playcrafting March Demo Night 2016

Music: A Ninja Amonsgst Oscillators by Rolemusic Playcrafting holds monthly demo nights that feature games made by indie developers in the community. This demo night featured games made for Games For Change. Previous demo night. The featured games:  Save The Park [00:28] Microrangers [02:36] SenseU [04:35] Library Lost [05:44] 1979 Revolution [06:59] Mission US [08:41] Killer Snails [10:31] Thank You For Playing– That […]

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