Speaker: Alain Meeus

Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Enterprise Business Apps and App Management

Your organization has developed custom business apps, but your employees also need apps from the Windows Store? You want to keep control, purchase in volume, and distribute apps without disrupting the business? Windows 10 provides the solution you are looking for. You will have full control over custom and store apps, manage them and distribute […]

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Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: Secure by Design

Still not convinced that mobile devices are vulnerable to security threads? This is a deep dive in the Windows 10 security architecture. We cover identity management, containerization, data protection, biometrics, two-factor authentication, certificates, networking profiles, and how all this makes Windows 10 the preferred mobile device choice for security conscience organizations.

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Windows 10 for Mobile Devices: To Bring Your Own or Not?

As enterprise mobility starts to mature, you have to accommodate for employees bringing their own smartphones, and provide company-owned phones to some of them. Does Windows 10 work for both scenarios? We demonstrate how Windows 10 solves the need for containers, without leaning on the productivity of the employee, or compromising security and device management. […]

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