Speaker: Briton Zurcher

App-V 5.0 SP3: Advanced Connection Groups

This demo driven session will take you through the fundamentals of connection groups right through to the finer nuances of this great feature of App-V 5.0 including the latest introductions with SP3. Starting with the sequencer and the techniques to package for connection groups this session will then move to the server/client to uncover the […]

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Better Dynamic Application Delivery through UE-V & App-V

Virtualizing desktop environments can offer huge advantages for both manageability and cost savings. App-V and UE-V can be leveraged to help you better realize these advantages. Come join us in this deep-dive session to learn best practices for deploying App-V and UE-V in tandem. We’ll show you how streamlining your App-V package sequencing and UE-V […]

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BitLocker Deployment Using MBAM Is a Snap!

Are you frustrated about the hoops you have to jump through to get BitLocker enabled on your devices? Come learn about how new enhancements to MBAM can help you easily enable BitLocker during imaging. MBAM can also increase your success rate while deploying BitLocker to existing machines in your fleet. The session walks you through […]

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