Speaker: Chris O'Brien

Dealing with Application Lifecycle Management in Microsoft Office 365 App Development

For teams doing cloud-friendly SharePoint or Office 365 development, apps will be a key area of focus – be they SharePoint add-ins or the newer Office 365/Azure AD apps. ASP.NET (typically MVC) is a common platform here, and fortunately ALM and Continuous Integration become MUCH easier – finally, an end to "it’s harder because it’s […]

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Transforming Your SharePoint Full Trust Code to the Office App Model

This session is a panel discussion covering examples and patterns for moving SharePoint customizations to the app model – for use either in Office 365 or "cloud-friendly" implementations of on-premises SharePoint. The panel comprises members of the Microsoft Office Dev Patterns and Practices team and independent MVPs. Both bring their experiences from the field, but […]

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