Speaker: Dave Driver

Beyond the EffectBrush with Windows UI

This talk assumes you have an understanding of using the Windows UI EffectBrush (presented in Talk One) and want to learn some new techniques like shadows, scene based and backdrop effects to take your application to the next level of beautiful.

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The Power of the EffectBrush in Windows UI

In the this short talk Chris and Kelly will explore key concepts, code and demos for getting started with the Windows.UI.Composition effects system. You’ll learn how to describe, animate and chain effects for Universal Windows Platform Applications.

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Motion & Effects: A Deep Dive on How to Create Beautiful UX That is Worthy of 5 Stars

The difference between a user who walks away and one who gives you 5 Stars can often come down to the details of their experience. A beautiful experience that has playful choreographed motions and purposeful effects can take tentative new users and turn them into raving fans. Motion and effects can help you complement the […]

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