Speaker: David Alexander

Office Sway: Reimagine How Your Ideas Come to Life

Meet Sway, a brand new authoring app from Microsoft Office that joins Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Sway helps you easily create and share an interactive web-based canvas of your ideas, which looks great on any platform or device. Pull together your content from your OneDrive, your devices, social networks, and the web with ease. […]

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Interactive Storytelling with Office: Revolutionizing How Users Visualize and Share Information

We all have stories to tell, both personal and professional. As the amount of information grows, so does our need to easily capture, collect, organize, visualize, and share it. Learn how Office and Office 365 provide end-to-end ways to communicate your ideas in innovative, compelling, cloud-first and mobile-first ways. Products covered include Office Sway, Office […]

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