Speaker: Deen King-Smith

Windows 10 Browser Management

Windows 10 includes Internet Explorer 11 and Microsoft Edge, a new browser built for doing. This session covers how to manage these browsers in an enterprise environment.

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Enterprise Web Browsing

Support for older versions of Internet Explorer expires on January 12, 2016, so upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 today to continue receiving security updates and technical support. Windows 10 also includes Internet Explorer 11, so upgrading can help ease your Windows migration. Learn about the browser roadmap, upgrade resources, Windows 10 browser options, and Microsoft’s […]

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Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11 Deep Dive

Enterprise Mode helps customers upgrade to Internet Explorer 11, which can ease Windows 10 migrations. This session is a deep-dive on deploying and managing Enterprise Mode, Enterprise Site Discovery, and other tools. By upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer, customers can stay up to date with Windows, services like Microsoft Office 365, and […]

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