Speaker: Jim Radigan

Developing with Visual C++

Steve Carroll, Marc Goodner, Jim Radigan, and Herb Sutter ride tandem with the random (Charles steps out of C9 retirement…) and dig into what’s new in C++ world in the year 2015 and beyond. They also take YOUR (excellent) questions (thank you!). Marc Goodner demos debugging C code running on a Raspberry Pi from Visual […]

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Compiling Objective-C Using the Visual Studio 2015 C++ Code Generation that Builds Windows, SQL, .Net, and Office

This session covers the nuts and bolts of several key innovative compiler and runtime technologies we will be delivering in Visual Studio 2015 and its updates. New investments in the compiler and runtime space include: Improved optimization and auto-vectorization, /Guard secure code generation, incremental whole program compilation, and new asynchronous C++ code generation.

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