Speaker: Jonathan Garrigues

App Flighting and Beta Testing in the Windows Store

Learn how Windows Store allows you to do testing in production using package flighting — delivering different binaries for the same app to different groups of people. Also learn about new features currently in development for limiting which users can see and acquire an app, how quickly package updates are rolled out, and letting customers […]

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Windows Store: Publishing Apps and Games to Desktop, Mobile, and Xbox

Learn about how Dev Center helps you reach customers on all Windows devices including Xbox. Discover new ways to engage your customers with bundles, add-ons, and pre-orders. Simplify your development lifecycle with APIs to automate the publishing process and new capabilities to test your app or game in production . Dev Center’s easy-to-use, powerful tools […]

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Store: Deep Dive on Publishing Universal Windows Apps

Learn about what’s new in Windows Dev Center’s updated app submission experience and support for Universal Windows apps including: • Managing your existing apps in the new Dev Center • Adding new packages for Windows 10 to your existing apps • Hardware and Platform Targeting • Limited release of your app to a restricted audience

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