The new way to test accessibility with Chrome DevTools – A11ycasts #23

5 days ago
Chrome version 60 ships with an exciting new DevTools feature called Audits 2.0. This panel replaces the previous Audits panel with a new set of tests powered by Lighthouse. Lighthouse is a tool which checks for various performance and best practice metrics, including accessibility. Under the hood, these accessibility tests are powered by aXe, the […]

TWC9: Brewing the News, .NET Standard 2.0 is done, .NET Conf, Eye Typing and more…

2 weeks ago
This week on Channel 9, guest hosts Christina Warren and Bryan Liston discuss the week’s top developer news, including;  [00:55] NET Standard 2.0 is final [Immo Landwerth] [01:43] .NET Conf [01:55] Ignite [02:22] Join Xbox Academy at the Flagship Microsoft Store to Design and Create Your First Video Game [Victor Rodriguez, Nick De La]   [03:29] […]

Managing Focus – A11ycasts #22

3 weeks ago
Check out the demo: Single page web apps are awesome but may present interesting accessibility challenges. In particular, when the site loads new content, it needs to be able to inform an assistive technology user that the new content is available, and ideally move focus into the new area. Today on A11ycasts we’ll look […]

From Hack to Product, Eye Control for Windows 10

3 weeks ago
It started as a hackathon project inspired by one person with ALS. Now it’s on the verge of helping many more. Meet the team behind Eye Control for Windows 10. Learn more at: Audio Description version here:

Typhlex: Exploring Deformable Input for Blind Users Controlling a Mobile Screen Reader

1 month ago
Current smartphone technology presents many challenges for blind users. This article introduces the use of deformable inputs for blind users, which offers such users the ability to physically manipulate a device for system interaction. The authors describe the iterative design process of a deformable device prototype, Typhlex, with strategically placed grooves to elicit bend gestures. […]

Does reordering content affect accessibility?

1 month ago
Check out the demo: While it’s possible to reorder content visually using CSS, we have to be careful that doing so doesn’t throw off the reading order in our page. Today on A11ycasts we’ll look at how you can visually reorder content using flexbox and absolute positioning, and I’ll demonstrate how this affects keyboard […]

TWC9: Babylon.js 3.0, Paint 3D Holographic Models, Peek Inside the AI Labs and more…

1 month ago
This week on Channel 9, Nikola and returning guest host Killian McCoy discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:54] Announcing Babylon.js 3.0 [David Catuhe] [02:05] Using Paint 3D to design 3D models for your Holographic applications [Abhijit Jana] [03:18] Microsoft Azure Stack is ready to order now [Mike Neil] [04:24] Largest FREE Microsoft eBook […]

How to label Shadow DOM

2 months ago
Shadow DOM is a newer web platform feature that lets you scope your CSS and markup. This is great for preventing style leakage, but it can also make things tricky when it comes to accessibility. In particular, labeling content inside of a shadow root. Today on A11ycasts I’ll show a couple techniques I use to […]

Accessible Modal Dialogs — A11ycasts #19

2 months ago
ARIA Authoring Practices: Dialog – eBay MIND Patterns: Dialog – Inert Polyfill – The accessible modal dialog. It seems like such an easy thing to build, but in reality, it’s a total pain! Today on A11ycasts I’ll show you how to properly manage focus when adding a dialog to the page, and […]

Why headings and landmarks are so important — A11ycasts #18

3 months ago
Accessibility Fundamentals: Semantics and Navigating Content One of the key goals in building an accessible experience is to make sure users of assistive technology can browse the page efficiently. Proper usage of h1-h6 headings can really improve the browsing experience for someone on a screen reader, because they help the user quickly create a […]

Google I/O 2017 Highlights

3 months ago
Google I/O 2017, our annual developer conference, gathered 7,200+ developers from around the world at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. Attendees enjoyed a 3 day festival with technical Sessions, Office Hours, Codelabs, Sandbox Demos, App Reviews, an After Hours Block Party, and a Concert by LCD Soundsystem — making the best use of the […]

Google I/O’17: Channel 6

3 months ago
Technical sessions and deep dives into Google’s latest developer products and platforms.