Android Support Library 23.2

2 years ago
Read the full blog post: The 23.2 release of the Android Support Library brings brand new libraries in the form of support-vector-drawable and animated-vector-drawable as well as important updates to existing libraries such as extended support for VectorDrawableCompat throughout AppCompat, a new Theme.AppCompat.DayNight, a bottom sheet behavior in the Design Library, MediaBrowserServiceCompat and MediaBrowserCompat […]

Theming with AppCompat (Android Development Patterns S2 Ep 3)

3 years ago
Read the blog post:… AppCompat (…) gives you a consistent design across all API 7+ devices, but to go from consistent to amazing, use the theming tools provided by AppCompat. Declare colors such as colorPrimary, colorPrimaryDark, and colorAccent in your theme and you’ll be able to affect large parts of your app without individually […]

(Part 3) Windows 10 and App Compat: How do I get to the Edge?

3 years ago
In part 3 of their Windows 10 and App Compatibility series, Kevin Remde and "The App Compat Guy" Chris Jackson discuss the enigma that is the Edge web browser found in Windows 10. Why is it here, Why do we need a new browser and more importantly, will it work with my web applications? [1:32] […]

(Part 1) Windows 10 and App Compat: What about my Windows Apps?

3 years ago
Kevin Remde welcomes the “App Compat Guy” himself, Chris Jackson to the show, as they kick off a 3 part series on Windows 10 and App Compatibility. Tune in for part 1 where they address concerns surrounding application or scenario compatibility during the move to Windows 10. [2:09] Let’s define the issue.  What is your […]

Android Design Support Library (100 Days of Google Dev)

3 years ago
The Android Design Library provides many of the high-level components you’ll need to build a great app that feels at home with material design. Ian Lake explains how easy it is to get started with the Design Library: it’s just a single dependency to add. With AppCompat as the base and the components provided by […]

Android Support Library: Consistent Design with AppCompat

3 years ago
Getting a great looking app doesn’t have to be hard: AppCompat, part of the Android Support Library, gives you a consistent design baseline that works on all Android 2.1 or higher devices. Find out what AppCompat provides and how to integrate it into your Android app. Learn more on the developer site: Subscribe to […]