Generating Google Slides from images using Apps Script (The G Suite Dev Show)

10 months ago
Slide shows have come a long way, from hand shadows in caves over a fire, followed by shadow puppetry, followed by magic lanterns, to Uncle Bob’s endless family vacation on 35mm slide carousels, and finally, to today’s generation of presentation software. One relatively recent innovation is the ability to create applications that automate creating & […]
Launchpad Online: Auto-generating Google Forms

Launchpad Online: Auto-generating Google Forms

2 years ago
Love how you can use Google Forms to poll your colleagues or create a pop quiz for students? Creating 1, 5, or even 10 Forms by hand may be reasonable, but what if you needed to create 100s or 1000s? This is where Google Apps Script can help you scale, by giving YOU the ability […]

Launchpad Online: Automating YouTube stats with Google Apps Script

3 years ago
Have you ever been asked by your boss to do something simple but long and tedious, such as counting up the view counts for your corporate videos and your competitors’? What about outside of work where you and your gamer friends are competing to see whose replay clips get the most views? This is a […]

Distribute: How we are using BigQuery and Apps Scripts at teowaki

4 years ago
Javier Ramierez, founder of teowaki and Google Developer Expert, demonstrates how BigQuery and Apps Scripts keep teowaki in the know.