Amazon DynamoDB January 2016 Day at the SF Loft | Build a Location-Aware Recommendation Engine

2 years ago
Learn more: Recommendation engines help your prospects and customers find the most relevant offers and content. In this presentation, you will learn how to use AWS building blocks to build your own location-aware recommendation engine. You’ll see how to store real-time events using Amazon Kinesis and Amazon DynamoDB. See how to easily move data […]

AWS Pop-up Loft

2 years ago
Check us out at The AWS Lofts are a space where anyone can grab a coffee, work on their app and get in person answers to their technical AWS questions – at no cost. Want to learn more? Want to get some hands-on experience? You can Ask an Architect, attend a technical session, and […]

Amazon DynamoDB January 2016 Day at the SF Loft – DynamoDB Design Patterns and Best Practices

2 years ago
Learn more: If you’re familiar with relational databases, designing your app to use a fully-managed NoSQL database service like Amazon DynamoDB may be new to you. In this session, we’ll walk you through common NoSQL design patterns for a variety of applications to help you learn how to design a schema, store, and retrieve […]