TechnologyOne: Moving to Micro-services Using Application Load Balancers

2 weeks ago
When breaking up an application into micro-services, how do you do it fast and reliably? See how TechnologyOne did it in just a single day using AWS CloudFormation and Application Load Balancers! Learn more at –

Channel 7: Live Event Video Streaming of the Australian Open Using AWS Elemental, CloudFront & More!

2 weeks ago
On this episode of This Is My Architecture Sam from Channel 7 describes the architecture that supported live video streaming of the Australian Open to millions of viewers and how it was done in a scalable and reliable manner using AWS Elemental and CloudFront. Learn more at –

Efficient Container Orchestration for the Enterprise

3 weeks ago
Learn more at Watch this webinar to learn: – How organizations can take advantage of Kubernetes’ benefits in a way that is compliant with enterprise security policies and is designed to provide high levels of availability – How to improve the operational efficiency of your container environments on AWS, with CoreOS Tectonic – How […]

Guard Against Fraud and Financial Crime with NICE Actimize & AWS

3 weeks ago
Learn more about AWS at – Learn why financial institutions, investors, and consumers worldwide rely on NICE Actimize solutions on AWS to protect their assets. Actimize technology quickly identifies anomalous behavior enabling real-time, cross-channel fraud, anti-money laundering, bribery, corruption, and trading surveillance detection while exceeding your regulatory compliance requirements on AWS.

VMware Cloud on AWS

3 weeks ago
Learn more about VMware Cloud on AWS at – Bring the VMware Software-Defined Data Center to Amazon Web Services with VMware Cloud. In this webinar we will dive into the compute, network and storage architecture of the VMware Cloud on AWS solution. We will look at real-world, live applications running in VMware Cloud on […]

REA: Multi-Region Deploys without Disruption

3 weeks ago
How can you update a highly visited website across multiple regions without downtime or content “misses”? REA have created a process to do this reliably, and at massive scale with billions of objects. Learn more at –

Airtasker: Meet “Carl”! The AI Classifier!

3 weeks ago
How do you classify ads, photos and match sellers to buyers better? Well perhaps AI can help! Hear how Airtasker combined multiple AI services to create “Carl” who learned everything he knows from Wikipedia. Learn more at –

What’s New with AWS – Week of Oct 16, 2017

4 weeks ago
Learn more about What’s New with AWS at –

How TrueCar Gains Actionable Insights with Splunk Cloud

4 weeks ago
Learn more about Amazon Kinesis – The vast amount of big data that today’s companies generate makes it difficult to separate the signal from the noise. Organizations need to derive meaningful insights into operations and business to take action. TrueCar needed a better way to manage, search, and analyze their hybrid environment. In this […]

AWS Summit Milano 2017 | Marco Argenti Keynote [Italian]

4 weeks ago
Learn more and slides available here – Watch Marco Argenti, VP Mobile e IoT at Amazon Web Services, conducting the Keynote at the AWS Summit in Mlan. Then, listen to the testimonies from Luigi Lobello, Chief Technology Officer at GEDI Gruppo Editoriale, Alberto Dalmasso, Founder and CEO at Satispay and Carlo Bozzoli, Global CIO […]

Automate the Provisioning of Secure Developer Environments on AWS

4 weeks ago
Learn more about the AWS Partner Network at – Providing development and engineering teams with access to cloud resources introduces challenges around deploying the proper security policies. Organizations need automated security solutions that enable their engineers to spin up their own secure environments for application development with a push of a button. Join our […]

AWS Public Sector Summit 2017 | Canberra: Keynote

1 month ago
Learn more about AWS at – The 2017 AWS Public Sector Summit in Canberra was opened by a Keynote address delivered by a line up of seriously credible speakers from the Public Sector. Andrew Phillips, Country Manager ANZ Public Sector, Amazon Web Services; Alastair MacGibbon, Cyber Security Advisor, Department of the Prime Minister and […]