Accenture IoT & AI on AWS

56 mins ago
Two demos showing IoT and Artificial Intelligence based applications, created by the Accenture Rapid Prototyping Team in Rega, that demonstrate how easily IoT and AI technologies integrate on the AWS platform. Learn more about AWS at – Learn more about Accenture Cloud Services at –

Ocado: Building Secure, Loosely Coupled Microservices

47 mins ago
Ocado share their approach to building secure, loosely coupled microservices. They created a self-service portal for development teams and provide standard template resources for each microservice, including Route 53 records, Key Management Service keys, Elastic Beanstalk environment, DynamoDB tables, Identity and Access Management roles. Learn more at –

Simplify Your Migration to AWS and Cut Costs by 30% with TSO Logic

2 days ago
Learn more at Identifying how much compute you have, how it’s used, and the financial benefits of migrating to the cloud can be complex due to the sheer amount of discovery and analysis involved. TSO Logic’s powerful decision-making platform analyzes data from on-premises compute and applies algorithms to automatically determine the best instance size […]

AWS | Big Data | Athena Project | Understanding Athena

6 days ago
We built the base so we are now ready to work with Athena. Let’s dive into this great tool and see how we can easily query our data with it! ———- Amazon Athena: Pricing: Official Documentation: ———- • You can follow Max on Twitter (@maxedapps). • You can also find us on […]

Amazon WorkDocs: How to Lock and Unlock Files

6 days ago
Learn how to use the file lock feature for editing to make sure that no one overwrites your changes while you’re working. By locking your files you no longer need to coordinate your changes with other collaborators. Learn more about Amazon WorkDocs at –

Nextdoor Uses AWS to Develop and Launch New Products on Demand

6 days ago
Learn more – Using AWS, Nextdoor can focus on building products, not on managing infrastructure. Nextdoor is a rapidly growing private social network that connects people with their neighbors. The company runs the Nextdoor website and a data-analytics solution on AWS, powering more than 69,000 neighborhoods across the United States. Nextdoor uses nearly 30 […]

Zalora Case Study – eCommerce Retailer All-In on AWS

1 week ago
Learn more about Amazon Redshift at: Learn more about Amazon RDS at: Zalora goes all in with its core web and mobile workloads on AWS with Amazon Redshift, EC2, Relational Database Services (RDS) and AWS Lambda. Zalora is an e-commerce platform and website that provides fashion and footwear products. The services in tandem […]

GuavaPass Case Study for On-Demand Web Application on AWS

1 week ago
Learn more about about Amazon RDS at: Learn more about about Amazon ElastiCache at: GuavaPass is an online platform offering curated fitness classes on-demand at premium fitness studios across 11 cities in Asia. The company has been able to scale and double its revenue generating user base since using AWS, utilising services such […]

AWS | Big Data | Athena Project | S3 Cloud Storage

1 week ago
Time to start our project with the basics – We need to store our source data. Therefore, we have to understand AWS’ cloud storage S3, so let’s take a closer look at it in this video. ———- Amazon S3: Download the source files: Amazon S3 – Pricing: AWS Free Usage Tier: […]

Introducing Lambda@Edge

1 week ago
With Lambda@Edge, you can run code closer to your end users without provisioning or managing servers. This new AWS Lambda feature lets you run Node.js functions at any AWS edge locations, allowing you to deliver richer, more personalized content with low latency to your customers. Learn more about Lambda@Edge here:

How Retail Insights, LLC Used Alert Logic to Meet Compliance Mandates and Enhance Security on AWS

1 week ago
Learn more at – Retail Insights, LLC lacked sufficient visibility into their AWS environment and were relying on third party developers to build their web applications. To gain a better understanding of their security posture, they sought out a security solution that would provide total visibility into their apps and environment. Additionally, a new […]

KCOM Uses Enterprise Support to Reduce Risk for Customers

2 weeks ago
Learn more about AWS Support at – KCOM provides IT and communications services to enterprises in the UK, specializing in consultancy development and managed services for companies that are moving to the cloud. KCOM, an AWS Enterprise Support customer, uses Infrastructure Event Management to help resolve technical issues quickly and easily. By using Enterprise […]