Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium – Suzanne Little

2 days ago
Watch this interview with Suzanne Little (Head Researcher in Insight Centre, DCU) to learn about the work DCU did with Microsoft and Intel on the Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium project in Dublin Ireland. Read the technical documentation here

Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium Tomás Meehan

2 days ago
Watch this interview with Tomás Meehan (CIO of GAA) to learn about the work Microsoft did with DCU and Intel on the Croke Park IOT Smart Stadium project in Dublin Ireland. Read the technical documentation here

Azure for Startups: Solutions for rapid growth

2 days ago
In less than four minutes, Sr. Technical Evangelist Ori Zohar provides a primer on how startups can take advantage of Azure to quickly go from MVP to scale growth.

Azure SQL Database Geographic Failover at Scale

3 days ago
In the Channel 9 studios this week is the amazing Sasha Nosov, Principal PM on the SQL team. Sasha is on the Data Exposed show today to talk about how to do Disaster Recovery in Azure SQL Database using auto-failover groups. Sasha was in the studio a while ago to talk about Azure SQL DB […]

Introducing Azure Logic Apps

3 days ago
Connect all of the apps and services that your business relies on with Azure Logic Apps. Automate many of the workflows that you have in place without writing a single line of code.

Data Analysis with Azure Machine Learning Studio

4 days ago
Video tutorial on Data Analysis with Azure Machine Learning Studio.  This session was recorded from Washington, SQL Pass Monthly Meetup Event.

Episode 157: Microsoft Graph with Yina Arenas

6 days ago
I talk with Yina Arenas about the Microsoft Graph API. Where is Carl? And this one simple trick will earn you nearly $20k more per year!   Subscribe in any podcast app by searching for "ms dev show"   Subscribe on YouTube ➥: Watch on Channel 9 ➥: Subscribe on iTunes ➥: […]

First Tech is migrating to the Microsoft Cloud as fast as it can

6 days ago
First Tech Federal Credit Union is used to going where no credit union has gone before. That’s what makes it a pioneer and an example to its industry. Its latest move is to Microsoft Azure.

Azure DB for MySQL

1 week ago
Jason Anderson joins Scott Hanselman to discuss the newest offering of the Azure Database family – Azure Database for MySQL. With built-in high availability, scalability, and flexible pricing options, there’s no excuse to be running MySQL in a VM anymore. For more information, see: Azure Database for MySQL Azure Blog: Announcing Azure Database for MySQL […]

(Part 1) Hybrid Cloud for Small Businesses

1 week ago
In this first video in a three part series on Hybrid Cloud, we will define what hybrid cloud is as well as thoroughly examine the value of hybrid cloud solutions over fully on premise or fully cloud based scenarios. This video will provide a highly detailed examination of how small business customers can take advantage […]

Tuesdays with Corey: The Magic of Scheduled Maintenance

1 week ago
Corey Sanders, Director of Program Management on the Microsoft Azure Compute team recaps some of the cool technologies and announcements recently discussed at Microsoft Build.  In this episode Corey talks with Ziv Rafalovich – a Senior PM on the Azure Compute team. Ziv shows off our new capabilities for in-VM awareness of scheduled maintenance and […]

Azure4Research helps Polish university accelerate biomedical analysis 59 times

1 week ago
The Laboratory of Biomedical Database Systems at the Silesian University of Technology provides various algorithmic solutions for protein analysis. Protein analysis is key for medical diagnostics and requires efficient computational resources since there are terabytes of data coming from patient samples. Laboratories do not usually have the appropriate hardware equipment to process these data in […]