Bitnami Launchpad for Microsoft Azure

10 months ago
The easiest way to deploy applications to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

How to Access phpMyAdmin using an SSH tunnel

10 months ago
Learn how to access phpMyAdmin using an SSH tunnel on Windows

Continuously delivering apps to Kubernetes using Helm – Adnan Abdulhussein (Bitnami)

11 months ago
With Helm, you can deploy distributed apps on Kubernetes using packages known as charts, but how do you go beyond that initial deployment? Helm was designed to fit right into existing CI/CD pipelines and in this talk we’ll see this in action. We’ll also discuss the benefits of managing all your deployment configuration as code, […]

Microcontainers and Tools for Hardcore Container Debugging by Oracle

11 months ago
Recording from Cloud Native SF Meetup on September 20th. We’ll review and demo a set of best practices and recently open-sourced tools to help with building and operating containers in production. We use containers in many services and have run into a number of operational issues with conventional container build processes. Smith is an open-sourced […]

Auto-generating API Gateways for Oracle Databases by DreamFactory

11 months ago
Recording from Cloud Native SF Meetup on September 20th. In this hands-on session we will demonstrate how to connect your enterprise databases to Oracle cloud for secure development of modern mobile, web, and IoT workloads. You will learn how to: 1) auto-generate REST APIs for premise-based enterprise data systems in an Oracle Cloud sandbox 2) […]

Thinking One Step Further with Time-saving DevOps Tools with Open Telekom Cloud and Bitnami

11 months ago
If you’d like to view the slides from this webinar, click here: Application developers are well-advised to not only think about their actual programming, related time-saving tools and deployment schemes, but also about the specific needs of application operations – in particular with regards to data privacy requirements when dealing with clients in Europe […]

Introduction to Kubeless

12 months ago
Learn more about Kubeless, and see how to build an application with Serverless.

Adding SSH Key for Google Cloud Console

1 year ago
For the How-to Tutorial of how to add a SSH Key for Google Cloud Console:

Take the Fastest Path to Node.Js Application Development with Bitnami & AWS Lightsail

1 year ago
Looking for the fastest way to create Node.js development environments? Not sure if Node.js is right for you? With one-click solutions like AWS Lightsail and Bitnami’s ready-to-run Node.js application, exploring the fastest growing development environment has never been easier. Node.js has become a preferred development stack for many developers internationally. Bitnami applications and AWS Lightsail […]

Access phpMyAdmin with an SSH client on Windows

1 year ago
For the How-to Tutorial of how to accesss phpMyAdmin with an SSH Client on Windows:

Kubeless on OpenShift

1 year ago
Try Kubeless here:

Going Serverless with Kubeless In Google Container Engine (GKE)

1 year ago
Serverless computing has given back loads of time and money to developers whose focus is to create new, popular and disruptive applications. Without serverless computing, developers would still be spending most of their time on infrastructure rather than building new features to improve their users’ experience. With the move to containers and increased market share […]