Welcome to the IBM Garage

3 days ago
The IBM Garage prescriptively combines people, places, platform, and methodology into a creative environment that fosters innovation and rapid development on IBM Cloud. Using the IBM Cloud Garage Method (, we collaborate with you to accelerate all phases of application development. To learn more, visit

TWC9: Ice Cream Thursday, Edge Web Summit, Ultimate C# Tools, ARKit + HoloLens and much more…

7 days ago
This week on Channel 9, Christina and Seth discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:43] Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2017 [01:18] The Ultimate List of C# Tools: IDEs, Profilers, Automation Tools, and More [Angela Stringfellow] [01:56] Ignite [02:11] Microsoft Tech Summit is back – register for a free event near you! [02:35] Save time […]

Blockchain Wallet | How To Create Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet | Blockchain Tutorial | Edureka

1 week ago
This video on Blockchain Wallet helps you to learn following topics: 1. Why we need Blockchain Wallet? 2. What is Blockchain Wallet? 3. Features of Blockchain wallet 4. Types of Wallet 5. Comparing Blockchain Wallet 6. Demo – Transferring Currency across Wallets Subscribe to our channel to get video updates. Hit the subscribe button above. […]

Understanding Bitcoin and Blockchain | Bitcoin Blockchain Explained | Blockchain Training | Edureka

3 weeks ago
In this Edureka live session, you will understand fundamental concepts of Bitcoin and Blockchain with a demo on Bitcoin transaction. This session helps you to learn following topics: 1. What is Bitcoin? 2. Bitcoin Transaction 3. What is Blockchain? 4. Features of Blockchain 5. Demo: Bitcoin Transaction

Developer Journey: Building a Public Regulation Application on Hyperledger Fabric

4 weeks ago Hyperledger Composer enables developers with little to no blockchain experience to easily model a specific use-case, application, or network in a matter of hours. The “FDA Food Supplier Verification Program on Hyperledger Composer” provides a walkthrough for how a developer can use Hyperledger Composer to model a specific regulatory requirement for a distributed business […]

Blockchain 101 | Blockchain Tutorial | Blockchain Smart Contracts | Blockchain Training | Edureka

4 weeks ago
This Edureka Blockchain 101 Training video will give you a complete fundamental understanding regrading blockchain and bitcoin. This video helps you to learn following topics: 1. What is Blockchain? 2. Blockchain concepts 3. Hyperledger 4. Blockchain Use Case 5. Blockchain in the Industry 6. Solidity programming 7. Demo: Smart Contracts Subscribe to our channel to […]

Create your first blockchain network using Hyperledger Composer

1 month ago
Build a blockchain network Blockchain is a secure, distributed, and open technology that is lowering costs, speeding up processes, and building a new level of trust in transactional applications. This developer journey will get you started with blockchain by showing you how to build a blockchain network using Hyperledger Composer.

Blockchain Tutorial | Blockchain Technology | Blockchain Explained | Blockchain Training | Edureka

2 months ago
This Edureka Blockchain Tutorial video will give you a complete fundamental understanding regrading Blockchain and Bitcoin. This video helps you to learn following topics: 1. Issues With The Current Banking System. 2. How Bitcoin Can Help Overcome These Issues? 3. Bitcoin Transaction 4. Blockchain To The Rescue 5. Blockchain Concepts 6. Blockchain Features 7. Blockchain […]

CodeChat 069 – Blockchain All the Things!

2 months ago
As you may know, I’m pretty excited about blockchain technology. It’s a super creative algorithm. It’s interesting how a system that distributes data (or in many cases logic too) actually gives all of the participants more ownership and authenticity in their own data. My guest on the show today is Cale Teeter (@windozer) who knows […]

How to Overcome Two Blockchain Challenges With IBM MQ

2 months ago
Two significant challenges are inherent in blockchain transactions: data flow and interaction latency. Watch this video to see how IBM MQ helps overcome both or see more here:

Blockchain For Dummies “Ask Me Anything”

2 months ago
Manav Gupta hosts an “ask me anything” about Blockchain technology IBM Contact: Calvin Powers

Blockchain Security & Why It Matters – Daichi Iwata

3 months ago
New technologies, namely driven by open source communities, are accelerating digital transformation. Blockchain is one of such technologies. Unique feature about Blockchain, compared to other technologies, is power of trust needed in digital age. Its power enables a person, or small community to be as trustful as big enterprises. Blockchain also empowers a person to […]