IBM Fitness Solution: Motivating employees to get active

10 months ago
Technology fanatics at IBM created a fitness solution that has IBM employees in 10 countries embracing a healthier lifestyle. Built in 5 days with fewer than 2,000 lines of code, the app tracks steps taken and percentage of weight lost and displays the leaders for each category. Want to bring more energy to your workplace? […]

Building a Web BFF Using Bluemix Developer Console

1 year ago
Try Cloud Native Development on Bluemix! IBM Bluemix makes cloud and mobile app developers more productive in building cognitive apps. This video shows how to use the Bluemix Developer Console to create a web app with a backend-for-frontend that connects to a Cloudant database.

IBM InterConnect: Managing Video Assets in the Cloud

1 year ago
Join Andrew Trice, Technical Product Manager, at InterConnect as he demos “Managing Video Assets in the Cloud with Object Storage and Node.js.” In this session, Andrew will demonstrate how we can use Cloud Object Storage with Cloudant and Node.js to create a scalable video archival and retrieval system, and also leverage Aspera for efficient network […]
Use OpenWhisk & Cloudant to monitor inventory

Use OpenWhisk & Cloudant to monitor inventory

2 years ago
Sydney Wang demonstrates how to implement simple business functions like monitoring a database for changes in inventory using OpenWhisk. Use OpenWhisk & Cloudant to monitor inventory IBM Contact: Sydney Wang

RSG Media: The Big Knowledge Project

2 years ago
RSG Media is leveraging IBM dashDB (data warehousing as a service) and IBM Cloudant (NoSQL database as a service) to build an advanced analytics platform on the cloud. This BI solution, Big Knowledge, empowers media companies to leverage data science and advanced analytics to increase engagement and maximize revenues across their content, advertising and promotional […]

IBM Cloudant: NoSQL for Web Developers

3 years ago
An educational class and tutorial on IBM Cloudant: NoSQL for Web Developers. Led by Umesh Balegar, Senior Technical Lead at the IBM Studio, New York City. IBM Cloudant is a NoSQL JSON document store that is optimized for handling heavy workloads of concurrent reads and writes in the cloud; a workload that is typical of […]