Getting started with HockeyApp

2 years ago
Getting started with HockeyApp is simple, and creating an account is free.  Login with your Microsoft Account or one of your social media accounts and you are set.   Once your account is setup, you can quickly create an app and register your device to enable app loading over the air (no more side loading of […]

What is IncrediBuild

3 years ago
Provides an overview on Incredibuild, a software acceleration technology used by many to speed up development processes.

Incredibuild with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1

3 years ago
Provides an overview on the collaboration between Microsoft Visual Studio and Xoreax Incredibuild which is aimed at improving overall end-end build times for developers.

Connect (); //Scott Guthrie Unplugged

3 years ago
Watch Scott Guthrie address questions from the Connect(); //2015 attendees in an open mic session.

Visual Studio Team Services: The Inside Story from Box to Cloud

3 years ago
In 2010, Microsoft’s Developer Division began Visual Studio Team Services, the Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) offering based on Team Foundation Server. This is the story of moving a traditional software business to Cloud-First Development and DevOps. The technologies included enterprise git, a modern release pipeline, automated testing, usage and performance monitoring, log analysis, a data-driven backlog, lean […]

The Future of Software Development

3 years ago
Join Dan Fernandez, Anders Hejlsberg, Scott Hunter, Rob Lefferts, Julia Liuson and Larry Rau (Verizon) to discuss the future of software development and the evolution of the developer role, the development tools and methodologies This is an open Q&A session where the attendees were able to ask their questions to the panelists

Creating Products in the open

3 years ago
Join Martin Woodward, Jay Schmelzer, Erich Gamma, Amanda Silver and Patrick Chanezon (Docker) in a discussion about the lessons they learned when creating products in the open. How did they tackle the challenges, and how did they shape the teams and processes. This is an open Q&A session where the attendees were able to ask their […]

Microsoft Technology Company Teams Up with Super Survivor Kids to Beat the Odds

3 years ago
The odds of beating cancer for pediatric patients are good, but these strong, young survivors often have life-long healthcare concerns that must be monitored and addressed. After watching patients attempt to cope with this challenge, Pediatric Endocrinologists and other Healthcare professionals thought there ought to be a way they could offer their patients easy, secure […]

Medical Workers Team Up with an Australian Software Company to Save Lives

3 years ago
Adult Retrieval Victoria (ARV) coordinates major trauma situations for Ambulance Victoria, but the vital service was in need of some help of its own in the form of better decision support to manage cases. They were transitioning from paper to online processes—the interim system they were using did not manage post-case administration digitally. ARV teamed […]

Hospital System Brings Patient Data Together for Secure Access Across Multiple Locations

3 years ago
The Maine Medical Center Imaging Informatics development team focuses on improving patient care by managing their records data and making them available while ensuring patient privacy. As Maine Medical Center went through the process of bring hospitals into their healthcare system, the team was challenged with the complexity of merging patient records, data integrity, and […]

Cloud Solution for PostNL Reduces Costs for IT and Services

3 years ago
With paper mail volume decreasing every year, the Netherland’s national postal service, PostNL, had to get creative and push for innovating the way they do business. Making adjustments to use more part-time employees cut payroll costs, but those savings were minimized by the rising costs of providing IT services to more employees. Enter Sogeti, a […]

Rich User Experience Keeps Apps Healthy at Boston Heart Diagnostics

3 years ago
Boston Heart Diagnostics is a laboratory that specializes in cardiovascular heart disease testing. Telerik has been working with Boston Heart for the last three years to help develop a world-class online user experience based on Kendo UI and Visual Studio 2015 to create the best possible solution for their patients and care providers. Today, Boston […]