Continuously delivering apps to Kubernetes using Helm – Adnan Abdulhussein (Bitnami)

10 months ago
With Helm, you can deploy distributed apps on Kubernetes using packages known as charts, but how do you go beyond that initial deployment? Helm was designed to fit right into existing CI/CD pipelines and in this talk we’ll see this in action. We’ll also discuss the benefits of managing all your deployment configuration as code, […]

Continuous delivery pipeline with AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy

10 months ago
Continuous delivery pipeline with AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy. Check out our full course: In this session, we will go through a quick walkthrough of a setting up a continuous deployment pipeline of a very simple web app. The idea is to get familiar with the configuration and deployments steps and see how AWS […]

Setting up a CICD Pipeline for Containers on AWS

11 months ago
Learn more about Amazon ECS at – Reference Architecture: Learn how to setup your first CICD pipeline using Amazon ECS, Amazon ECR, and AWS Developer Tools. CICD automates the application lifecycle, giving developers velocity and control over their containerized apps and services. This video walks through how to build the underlying infrastructure for […]

Intro Moving Microservices

12 months ago
Thoughtworks Lead consultant and tech lead Maria Gomez discusses what is covered in her video course “Moving to Microservices LiveLessons: Using Domain-Driven Design to Break Down the Monolith”. Purchase and save 50% off the complete course at with discount code YOUTUBE. Safari Books Online subscribers – view entire course at

Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment

12 months ago
Sanjeev Sharma, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Author, explains the difference between Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment. Explore IBM DevOps and Continuous Delivery:

Continuously Deliver your app to Kubernetes with DevOps Toolchains

12 months ago
In this demo, we show how to leverage DevOps toolchains in IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery to develop and deploy application to a Kubernetes cluster. The demo application uses Docker with Node.js and includes a DevOps toolchain that is preconfigured for continuous delivery with Vulnerability Advisor, source control, issue tracking, and online editing, and deployment to […]

DevOps Continuous Delivery with IBM DataPower Gateway for Docker

1 year ago
This video will show a working example of a compose application of a IBM DataPower Gateway for Docker and Continuous Integration. To learn more, visit:

Deploying Complex Cognitive Apps with DevOps Toolchains

1 year ago
In this demo, we show how to leverage DevOps toolchains in Bluemix Continuous Delivery to develop and deploy, in a mobile iOS 10 application, a Kitura-based server app written in Swift. Bluepic is a photo sharing application that, when an image is posted, its data is recorded in Cloudant and the image binary is stored […]

Create a DevOps toolchain with an IBM Watson sample app in 3 easy steps!

1 year ago
In this demo, we show how to rapidly set up a customized DevOps environment for app delivery in the cloud using toolchains in IBM Bluemix Continuous Delivery. We’ll then use this custom toolchain to deploy and modify a simple Watson application using the language translator service. To get started with Watson sample apps, visit the […]

IBM DevOps YouTube Is Moving to IBM Cloud

1 year ago
We’re moving to the IBM Cloud YouTube channel on June 16, 2017. Subscribe now:

Microsoft’s DevOps Transformation Story

1 year ago
Microsoft embarked on their own DevOps journey reducing a three-year release cycle down to three weeks. Hear how their Developer Division made an Agile Transformation that scaled to support business needs. Microsoft used to release products on two to three-year cycles. It wasn’t unheard of to spend six months to a year planning, a year […]

Introduction to Database DevOps

1 year ago
Within 2 years, 80% of companies will adopt DevOps to improve the efficiency and quality of software delivery – but the database is commonly a bottleneck. Redgate gives you a reliable, scalable and repeatable process for building, deploying and maintaining your database alongside your application code. Find out more at