GoingNative 44: ISOC++ @Kona Debriefing

2 years ago
Get another inside scoop on the up and coming in C++ as we debrief STL and Gaby on their most recent Standards meeting in sunny Kona, Hawaii! Video Timeline:[0:42] Meet STL [again] + Gaby [again again][1:12] What is a Technical Specification [TS]?[1:41] TS status update: Networks[2:16] TS status update: File System[3:06] TS status update: Ranges[5:13] Libraries and Guidelines […]

GoingNative 40: Updated STL in VS 2015 (feat. STL)

3 years ago
We’re pleased to inform you that VS 2015 is pretty awesomely on par with C++ conformance! But even if you’re not a VS user, learn about some neat new STL features, featuring our very own, one-and-only STL! (that’s Stephan T. Lavavej) Timeline[01:02] Meet the real STL =)[02:00] VS 2015 Conformance Status[03:01] User-defined literals    [03:37] Improvements to chrono  […]

GoingNative 32: Sneak Preview of C++17

3 years ago
We barely missed our November "deadline" but the potentially sensitive information in today’s episode needed approval from the Sutter himself… …and we got it! Join us with ISO Committee member (and Microsoft as well, of course =P) Gabriel Dos Reis, who graciously took the time to give us the inside scoop of some things that […]
GoingNative 23: Introducing Shared Mutex in C++14

GoingNative 23: Introducing Shared Mutex in C++14

4 years ago
Visual C++ dev Gor Nishanov gives a talk on the different mutex’s [mutual exclusion] available in C++ and a new addition in C++14! Please feel free to comment below, and also let us know if there’s any native content that you’d like to see in upcoming episodes!