Django Rest Framework | How to Create a RESTful API Using Django | Django Tutorial | Edureka

10 months ago
This Edureka “Django Rest Framework tutorial” introduces you to the concepts of API and will helps you build a successful REST API in Django. This video helps you to learn following topics: 1. What is an API? 2. Introduction to Rest Framework 3. What is Rest API? 4. Demo – Create a RESTful Web APi […]
Learn Django REST Framework with Treehouse

Learn Django REST Framework with Treehouse

2 years ago
You’ve been learning Django and building great things. Suddenly it hits you. How do I take all this data I have and make it available to the world? Look no further than Django Rest Framework (DRF). DRF is a powerful and flexible framework, on top of a framework (Django), for building RESTful Web APIs. Built-in […]