Episode 15: GDC 2016 – Unity

2 years ago
Considering using Unity? We’re just back from GDC where we talked with tons of different indie devs doing amazing things with the Unity Engine. Unity is a very versatile engine so this video helps give a glimpse into 5 different studios making very different games in different ways. Find out best practices from these devs […]

Game Dev Show Mini – Intro to 3D Animating and Rigging in Maya

2 years ago
This is a basic video walkthrough of the beginning steps of the animation process of rigging and skinning a 3D model in Maya, then importing to Unity. Here is a link to the mannequin model used in the video. [00:28] – 1.) Identifying where joints will be placed.[00:52] – Start rigging a skeleton[01:23] – 2.) […]

Playcrafting March Demo Night 2016

2 years ago
Music: A Ninja Amonsgst Oscillators by Rolemusic Playcrafting holds monthly demo nights that feature games made by indie developers in the community. This demo night featured games made for Games For Change. Previous demo night. The featured games:  Save The Park [00:28] Microrangers [02:36] SenseU [04:35] Library Lost [05:44] 1979 Revolution [06:59] Mission US [08:41] Killer Snails [10:31] Thank You For Playing– That […]

Unity 3D Game | Survival Shooter Nightmares

2 years ago
Download Unity3D Download the Nightmares asset package from the Unity Asset Store here:!/content/40756 Sarah Sexton is a Technical Evangelist Microsoft, Chicago, IL. Twitter: @Saelia | | | Slides:  Phase One: Learned about the Interface Customized the workspace Built the Environment Added music Phase Two: Imported the player character asset Learned about Animator Controllers (AC) Made animations by creating […]

Game Dev Show Mini – Drawing 2D Characters with Inkscape

2 years ago
Have you ever wanted to try to draw your own characters for a game or just for fun and thought: "I can’t draw"?  Well in this show I am here to tell you that you can.  After watching this show anybody, and I mean anybody will be able to draw their own 2D Character in […]

Create new scripts fast with Add Component shortcut

2 years ago
Create and attach new scripts fast by using the Search field in the Add Component Button menu. Watch this video in context on our learn site for links to the documentation and other tips:

CodeChat 013 – Nox Wilairat (Being an Indie Game Dev)

4 years ago
Nox Wilairat has one of the coolest titles around these days. He’s an indie game developer. With at least 14 titles to their name, Nox’s group has utilized Unity and other game frameworks to make exciting, modern, mobile games primarily for the Windows Phone platform. Listen to Nox talk about how they do it, what […]